Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why must my title be like that?

The words i used for my title represents the meaning of "little turtle" which was read as xiao wu gui..

A weird name it is, but it plays a significant role in my life..

Ever heard bout the story of "The Race of Hare n Turtle"?..In the story, the turtle know that no matter how hard he tries, he still saw a small glittering hope might exists..he wanna prove nothing but only to himself..And the ending? He won because the hare was asleep.

It goes the same in our life..sometimes we might be like the hare, we are always ahead and forget how hard our life used to be,we suddenly became proud and got distracted..and we will lose, but life is not just about winning, "Hare" did won something more precious than the turtle..a perfect lesson that he will not ever forget in his life..

For Turtle :
sometimes we must have the fighting spirits of a turtle, no matter what people says, u can juz cram your head in your shell and keep going..despite hardship and those despicable haters you will strive the hardship with a smile..

For Hare :
And for the Hare, it is not your fault, there is always a certain time for people to be proud of themselves but do remember! you are not always on top and just dont be too proud! Even your head is in the sky,keep your toes on the ground..there is always a second chance for everyone :)

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