Thursday, December 29, 2011

Plaything and the Past

I sense their outlook about toys is come what may true. Enjoice, as it might be useful when you are having a lametard frork partner in life.

 H.S. Abell Jefrry 
Tekanan perasaan yang dialami seseorang masa kecil, akibat 'impian' untuk memiliki permainan tak tercapai, mungkin boleh ditebus masa dewasa
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 syazwan shafie 
tahu tak kalau menghina pasangan yang suka kumpul mainan tu sama macam menghina zaman kemiskinan dia dulu. mentang2 kau kaya
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 H.S. Abell Jefrry 
Perempuan, kalau teman lelaki kamu kumpul permainan, jangan suka hati maki/gelakkan dia. Mungkin masa kecil dia tak berpeluang merasa. :(
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just in case you don't know, lametard = lame + retard, frork = freak + dork

Friday, December 9, 2011

Can anyone translate this?

Can anyone decipher my dream? it is the third time already where i dreamed about being murdered But this time, i can remember it pretty visibly than before.

I was standing beside a grimy old pool, full of famished crocodile like a ghost in the offing. Their eyes, it’s arctic and serene i know they are ravenous. Then, someone pushed me from behind.

I fall into the pool and all those crocodile swim rush towards me. I try to swim, but i just cant, my arms are heavy like it was chained onto a titanic. Three of them got me and started to pull off my limb and arms. I scream and started to cry, then its 4.30. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guys #FTW

To all girls out there, i would like you all to watch this video, seriously, stop calling guys douchebags just because youre the one that create em,

Ok, dah tengok video ni sila butthurt. Fookein win dude! Ur the hero, its awesome when you started talking bout the Batman thingy and how Colombus is just annoyed with his wife. 

p/s : 
i know, i know, u mad?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

I just have these random thoughts in my head for the few days:

“Not a soul wanna take what I’ve said gravely in a grave situation. What on earth blurted out is just another shaggy dog story to you. That is why I am trouncing behind the masquerade of a clown.”

“I am just a part timer”

“How can I have confidence when I am constantly rejected?”

“Replacing what I want into what you want doesn’t make me feel any better, but I can pretend”

Monday, October 31, 2011


FML. I can't complain can't I? Its ok, all these songs shud be enough i guess..

We The Kings - Say You Like Me

American Mouth - Flightless Bird

Seabear - I Sing I Swim

Arctic Monkey - The Bakery

Creed - With Arms Wide Open

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

Nirvana - Come As You Are

Evanescence - Lithium

Sunday, October 30, 2011


It was weird when you are silent for the whole night,now I know the reason:

"STUPID!" (its my ringtone for text)

*1 new message from Big Bully*

"Cause I wanted that moment to be engraved in memory. Looking at u sleep. Sitting in the erl next to you,holding ur hand. Watching the scenery outside."


stoopig laptop..WHY U NO GOOD?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Warm Rain..

I hope whoever read this post will not judge me or making fun of me.

She asked me out, to have a date and study at the same time, my heart jump, I know it might not signify much, but to me, every moment with her is a moment I will cherish. So I rushed, but as I am on the way to meet her, it is already raining.

I am a poor lad, so I only have a bike as my focal transportation, I didn’t really care, so I just ride through the drizzly hours of darkness to meet her. I have been working out, so the lactic acid in my muscle is really excruciating, see in your mind's eye that there’s numerous number of spiky lump inside your muscle, I even need to put in a great effort to wear my shirt.

As I am riding in the rain, the meter reached nearly 130km/h, so imagine the speed of rain drops bombardment at your skin embossed with the pain in your muscle, it’s like thousands of mini rocket with the size of a pea shot at you with a minigun, its somehow unbearable, but it’s weird, because I hardly focus on my pain and in my head, all I think about is her.

The jiffy I saw her face, I was smiling, again. We went to the nearest mamak stall and opened our notes (I don’t have any notes in actual fact) and we (it is only me actually) managed to finish the assignment because she finished it earlier, and we discussed it later, that discussion really helped me in the class later.

Subsequently I wanted to start a conversation, but she wanted to study as she wanted to score for the next quiz and she didn’t wanna spend the weekend studying as she wanted to emjoy the time with her friends. I wanted to tell lots of story, what happened, but I put them into halt, I know I aint suppose to be selfish.

I wanted to tell her about how lots of things that happen, lots of story to be shared, but that night, I just shut my mouth out. It’s an awkward silence to me; imagine that you have a balloon that is inflated and ready to be let out..haha

Bla blab bla, the mamak stall is closing, so I have to send her home. Fookein mamak, closing so early, mamak stall should be 24/7 !

It is still raining, so we walked all the way through the rain. We play in the rain, like a child, kicking the puddle of water, jumping and splashing each other! God how I miss that.

And then, the magic moment happens, she hold my hand, its indescribable, it is soft, tender, and most important, it gave me a warmness feelings (i just cant find a perfect word to describe it). My hands didn’t sweat; it’s like accepting her hands with my heart. We walked, and walked, and I swear that I wish I can be in that moment forever.  

Rain. I used to hate rain so much. It reminds me lots of thing that I don’t wanted to remember. It’s like a “secret place” for me to cry my heart out because it will wipe my tears away.

But now it has changed, the rain who used to be so cold and sad, it is now giving me a smile, straight from my heart. I closed my eyes and opened it back; I know it’s not a dream.

I just wanted to thank her, for changing the rain from how it used to be into the new rain, I call it our rain moment (just shut the fakkap, I know its lametard but just bear with it lad)

The rain, it will never be the same again, maybe I will have to find another “secret place” of mine, and I am thinking about the shower (lulz)

i know this time its pretty boring

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kasut converse and Kasut bata

When I was going out with some of my friends, I wanted to go into a converse shop. I was so fascinated to a white converse shoe that looked so sophisticated yet classic. 

I was about to buy it and when I flipped the price tag, it costs two months of my money. And then abruptly from my back,

“eh, ni kasut sekolah aku dulu bad,kau nak beli kasut ni ke?”

I was silent for a while, and had bermonolog dalaman

“kasut dekat 2 rat ni hang cakap kasut sekolah, aku dulu kasut BATAK kot”

Yeah, one of this shoes can actually buy 8 similar shoes as mine. It didn’t end there;

“kasut ni dulu aku beli setiap tahun, tiap tahun beli kasut yang sama”

De Eff!!! U buy this shit every year for five years? wait, by adding another 6 years of primary school into that,ur actually wearing these freakin shoes for 11 years and aku Cuma mampu beli binatang harroom ni when I am already 21?

I was so envy to those who have richness beyond human expectation, its like they are living between the life of bruce wayne and uncle scrooge.

"one is diggin beetchah and the other is diggin munneh"

I wish I can give some filet mignon (I don’t even fookein know what kindda thing is that but I do know it is creakingly expensive!) but I can only give sate lembu satu cucuk to you.

I wanna write something longer but I cant really do that cause I don’t have my own laptop for the time being, so I will just put my idea into halt for a while..

Well the main question for this post is,
“Apa beza kasut converse dengan kasut bata?”

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tell me if you are on the same boat

In a football game during PE, I was always the last one to be picked because I’m FAT and STUPID

Kalau main petang-petang dengan budak-budak taman, confirm they will chose me last.

“aku pilih mat”
“kau pilih hisyam”
“mana boleh,tadi osom tak kira, aku taknak hisyam team aku”
“sial la, aku pun taknak”

See that, they are even belligerent till their veins are out just because they don’t want me to be in their team. But whenever I am playing games, I will give my heart out, chasing the ball like a mad man running till my shirt is drenched with sweat and my breast(yeah i got boobies then coz im too fat) is throbbing as i lost my breath. But still, i cant contend with all those skinny kids, they don’t even have to show any hard work in chasing the ball. So i ended up giving up playing any sports, don’t blame me, if you yourself are constantly rejected you will give up in philanthropic efforts.

When I watch movie, I hardly imagine myself as the main character,

In Starwars, I’m the clone troopers, or maybe the fat one and the one that depart this life first slashed by the lightsabers.
In Harry Potter, I’m the dementor. I absorb the happiness of others, so that i can be happy, yeah i am fookein egocentric, i got hole in my heart did anyone of u give a fak?no right? So Shut The Fakkap!
In Power Rangers, i am not even one of the rangers, i am one of the balaci that will be shot to death at the commencement of the scene. The power rangers don’t even have to transform to kill me, i am THAT insignificant.

When people asks me about my dream, i will just reply that i dint have any

My mum used to asks that question a lot, but it will always ended up as a joke to her.

“hisyam nanti nak beli rumah yang macam mana?”
“rumah simple,luar kayu dalam batu”
“hahaha!tu bukan rumah, tu pondok,hisyam nak tinggal dalam pondok!”
“bukan mum,hisyam nak buat rumah yang...”
“hahaha!tengok anak abah yang sorang ni,ade ke nak tinggal kat dalam pondok?”

So if you asks me about my dream, be ready to hear bout em, and please, don’t joke bout it. Dream is the blueprint of the future life, its not a joke.
So guys, don’t talk to me about confidence suppression if you haven’t face any, mine might not be the worst, but still, its painful yo.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hari ni baru nak check kat comment section blog aku, and guess what, its the longest comment ive ever got. Thanks to Aya Sofia and midnight misery for the comment. So this post is gonna be solely bout the comment they are posting which i found interesting.

" rasa cam discriminated"
paham perasaan awk..

juz klaz saya majoriti budak india, lecturer mostly import dari yeaahh, diorg cakap tamil without thinking yg non-indian ni x terasa ke..?

no, im not racist, percayala..saya sindri mix chinese, nk racist amende..? hee..tapi bende2 camni yg kadang2 wat saya kecik ati....

diorg baek tu baek, pandai, lecturer pun suberb, tp B considered la kan..

mayB x sama mcm aper yg awk rasa, but da point here is being discriminated...


ok, now next one is from midnight misery :

I agree yang some ustaz and ustazah have the tendency to discriminate kids. at my school, i was one of the bad kids, i did as many bad things as other kids, some even did more thatn me, but my ustazah said i was 'pelajar paling keras kepala dalam maktab ni' just cause i was always caught red-handed.

i'm always skeptical to ustazs and ustazahs. i think only seriously wise people can call themselves ustaz and ustazah. people who knew judging never brings good results, people who knew different people see the world in different way, people who not only learn religious studies, but is able to see Islam in everything the world offers, arts, aciences, maths etc.

btw, its in reply to my older post link

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


hari ni aku rasa sangat fakkap dan aku malas nak bukak fb n tuitter..
hilang mood nak study or pi dengkil..
aku layan lagu ni sampai esok pagi then baru sambung study ah..

lagu yang paling sesuai dengan mood aku sekarang

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aku Tak Emo, Nak Kongsi Je

Baru-baru ni ada ustaz yang mengajar aku pengajian Islam, bukan aku tak suka subject ni, tapi aku ada certain phobia and skeptical mind kat diorang. Don’t blame me niggah, blame my past.

Bayangkan ustaz ni masuk2 kelas dah nak tanya sape budak skolah agama, sape belajar bahase arab, memang tak dapat la der. Pastu die pun pergi berdialog dalam bahasa arab dan men doakan kitorang supaya grow interest kat kelas die. Well the probs is ustaz, aku tak paham kau cakap pe, and I do feel discriminated.

#story 1

Dulu bukan tak pernah jadi benda macam ni, dulu time kat kolej pun, ustazah dok tanya sape dari sekolah agama, dapat pulak ada 4 orang, dah la sekolah sambest, plus sorang lagi tu tahfiz plak kan, memang kami-kami yang lain ni kena discriminate habis ah.

"kamu pergi haji pun saya tak percaya!"
“ape bukti kau ustazah tu discriminate bad?”
“aku nak story ah ni kejap la barua!”

Ok, bayangkan mase kelas, kami memang tak boleh keluarkan laptop masing-masing. Tapi bila salah sorang student “sekolah agama” ni mengeluarkan laptop beliau, aku pun tengok je ah, nak panas die member aku, so chillax je ah. Then aku pun keluarkan gak ah laptop, nak salin nota softcopy and google terus benda yg ustazah cakap sebab aku tau ilmu aku tak tinggi. Tiba-tiba;

“hisyam! Kamu ni memang tak boleh nak belajar elok2 ke?kelas agama je main2, kamu lagi pentingkan dunia dari akhirat ke?”
*aku pun bermonolog
“barua ape?aku google pasal benda ustazah cakap gak, pasepa fire aku?”
“lagi satu, ni barua sebelah aku ni dok chatting sampai ustazah nampak benda die chat boleh plak main chillax je?”

Dari situ aku dah syak something, memang kalau kau ilmu agam tak cukup, golongan agama ni akan pandang kau pakai kepala bontot.
Tapi bestfren aku time tu, merangkap classmate cakap jgn skeptical sangat, bagi chance sikit kat ustazah tu. Fine!

#story 2

Tak lama pastu, ada tawaran untuk kursus kahwin, aku time tu nak snagat pergi sebab nak tambah ilmu aku, sebab dalam kelas cakap benda ni macam taboo je.
So aku dengan bestie aku pun mengorak langkah menuju ke ustazah dengan yakin.

“ustazah, saya dengan faiz nak join kursus kahwin ni boleh?”
“kamu nak join?hafazan pun tak lepas nak kahwin?, takpela hisyam, dah penuh pun ni”
*aku jalan balik kelas dengan kepala tunduk bawah, kecewa

Then esoknya aku tanya member yang pergi, ade sorang member ni baru nak pi register kat ustazah, pergi office jumpa, then balik aku dengan confident cakap;

“mesti dah penuh dah kan?aku dah cakap dah”

Mamat tu dengan selamba badak sumbu  cakap camni;

“mana ada, aku register bawah slot ustazah tu elok je”

Aku diam, aku taknak benci ustazah, die bagi aku ilmu, tapi kenapa die pilih student camni? Layak ke die nak judge aku?

#story 3

Sekolah aku dulu mostly budak-budak yang amik bahasa arab, tak pun asal sekolah agama. Aku pun taktau kenap aku bleh dapat tawaran masuk situ.

So sekolah yang “cemerlang” ni kalau bagi hafazan ke, sekejap je diorang dah settle dah, aku yg dari sekolah harian ni terpancut-pancut gak ah baru dapat hafal.

Then ada satu hari ni, ustaz ni out of the blue tetibe je bagi 2 haours and surah untuk hafazan. Aku yang tak prepare ape-ape ni gelabah and nervous sampai peluh-peluh. So ditakdirkan yang aku ni tak habis hafal. 
Ustaz ni pun dengan selamba nya pi buat pengumuman depan kelas;

“Alhamdulillah semua orang di dalam kelas ni dapat menghabiskan ayat yang diberikan kepada mereka kecuali HISYAM”

Perasaan malu tu memang dah tak boleh nak bendung, aku rasa macam nak pindah sekolah pun ada, dah lah life kat sekolah tu macam hell, kena pulau sebab benda bodoh, member takdak, ni sekarang ustaz pun dah start cop aku.

Semenjak hari tu kalau time kelas agama je, die mesti tanya aku hafazan dah siap ke belum, tapi tanya aku macam nak bagitau satu kelas. Harom betoi!

"haizz, mana la nak letak muka ni"

#story 4

Dulu kalau korang semua pergi mengaji kecik-kecik, mesti lepas khatam je ade buat makan-makn ke, or sedekah sikit kat ustazah kan?

Well dulu family aku serius tak mampu, dah la dok umah sewa, makan pun cukup-cukup jek. Tapi bapak aku ada kesedaran, die taknak anak-anak die Al-Quran illiterate, so die pun pi hantar adik aku kat masjid ni coz ade ustazah yang nak mengajar.

Tapi aku pelik gak ah, every month ustazah ni mintak duit RM60, padahal mengajar tu seminggu sekali je, tu pun satu page. Takpela, bapak aku cakap yang lebih tu kite sedekah, sebab biasa bapak aku bagi 100.
Then bila sampai waktu adik aku dah khattam, ustazah ni pergi jumpa mak aku, then die mintak macam-macam, kain pelikat, kain batik, duit extra, and pulut untuk setiap murid lain and diri die sendiri. Mak aku yang pelik ni pun tak berapa setuju ah, dah la kitorang ni bukan golongan yang mampu sangat, nak pulak buat macam kenduri kesyukuran dah aku tengok.

Then ustazah ni pun ugut mak aku;

“Kalau puan tak buat semua ni, saya tak dapat jamin Azlan dapat teruskan dengan exam die nanti”

Hamboi!mentang-mentang adik aku dah nak upsr, kau boleh plak pergi ugut camtu kat mak aku? And macam mana kau tau mak aku convert? Mak aku yang terasa sikit ni pun story kat bapak aku;

“sebab mama ni muallaf dan taktau ape-ape die nak ambik kesempatan ke?”

Bapak aku dengan selamba tahi nyamuk (standard lelaki ah) reply;

“takpela mak, anggap tu sedekah je la”

Aku tak sure story ni korang faham ke tak, tapi aku tengok kat sini, bila orang tu rasa diri die lebih banyak ilmu dari orang lain, orang lain akan dipandang hina dan dimomok-momokkkan dengan pengetahuna agama nya.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Weakness?

Rather than scripting something smart, I think I wanted to rant something that skulk in my head for few the past days.

Yeah, I wanna write something stupid, problem?

I think starting from today, im gonna update my blog once in a week (hopefully im that consistent)
I have one big weakness that is I always think about others before I think about myself.
Well, genetically, I should be kiasu, selfish, and stingy as it is in my blood. But with people I care, I always think about them first.

Let’s say, when I was in a voyage or a vacation, these are the things that played in my head;

“Mak suka baju jenis ape ye?”
“Hasyim ni kalau beli baju ni agak-agak dia pakai tak eh?”
“Kalau belikan HER benda ni agak2 dia suka ke?”

And when im back from a rip, I always ended up not buying anything for myself

Let’s take another example,

When I am in a train or LRT, I was always,ALWAYS auspicious to found a seat for myself, but the dilemma is, I have problem sitting on it. Why? Because I always think someone might needed the seat more than I do. In a business world, I might not even make it far.

My ancestors would be so disappointed in what ive become, that’s im pretty sure. A selfless attitude isn’t in my gene.  Btw, Chin Peng isn’t my fookein ancestors u bloke!

Sometimes people say that I am nerve-racking too much, or think too much. Yeah, maybe if I am alone, I can’t bring to a halt myself from thinking.
Some people says that I’m stupid by being thoughtful too much, well I admit that I might worry too much. But it’s not my purpose too, I didn’t be acquainted with why I was born this way (yeah gaga,I took your line, STFU)

But I dint ask no matter which in return, seriously. Sometimes, what I need is just a little gratitude or simple thanks. It wasn’t really hard; I can smile all day if I see people around me are smiling.

I always wanted to be like Snape, those who watched Harry Potter n the deathly Hallow part 2 and says that they liked him even before, you guys can Kiss my donkeh arse! When he was still the bad guy, nobody likes him; everyone is sooooo mad at him and hated him. U guys even made the lulz comic on him. And now, when he swiftly became the good guys, everybody started to likes him, what a beyatch! Booyah!

"i don't have problem you hating me bloke"

That is how people are, when they are the bad guy, you always see them only in one way despite taking the fact that they too have the second side of the story.
I too love the character Snape, not because of the fookein deathly hallows part 2, but long when the sorcerer stone is discovered, I knew he was good.

Same with fan of Shia Labeouf, everyone likes him when he started to become macho either in that stoopig Transformers, Eagle Eyes, or even Disturbia. Everyone suddenly wanna lick his hairy butt when he became a stars.

"People make mistake, but God didn't right?"

But I am a fan of him since he was still in that “Disney Age”. Ever heard bout the movies Tru Confessions? Its one of the archetypal movies that gave me the #manlytears

“tak pernah dengar pun?”
“memang la bijak, kau isap susu mak kau lagi kot!”

Ok, im kidding, maybe ur sucking the cow nipples already, back to the story, its about twin brother and sisters, where the brother can be portrayed as mentally confront. Naah, easeh, retarded. And the sister, well shes just normal. But having a retard brother aint easy, and if he is a twin of yours, times the whole life-sucks-hard thingy by 100!

That story actually assails me directly into the heart, because I too, used to feel so inferior and helpless. But no matter what, he taught me to be strong.

I have a twin brother, when were still in primary school, he is already actively involved in the story telling competition, public speaking, and many more things that needs you to speak in front of hundreds of audience. And me? Im just a stupig brother (stupid and fat like pig, get it?) so I was always substandard and mediocre in many ways, I was never the apple in my parents eyes, so when I grew up, I kindda expected myself to not be the apple in anyone eyes, though deep in me I hope to be appreciated, even a little.

Its getting late, need sahur, nite.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Melayu

Aku saja nak troll fan Edward dengan Fan Harry Potter, #problem?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids World

The thing that I miss the most in kmb would be the time with my classmate and the club activity. Well specifically it’s the Taska Adikku Sayang club.

Every fortnight we will go to taska and have lots and lots of bustle with the kids, sometimes we will act for them (its their favourite), play some games, or even dancing together. It’s the joy in their face that make my day seems brighter.

There is this one trip that we went together; it’s a trip to High5 bread factory. Well, at the commencement of the trip, we were prearranged the fortuitous to cherry-pick whoever we want to guide, one person will have the chance to guide one or two student. But it dismays and saddens me the most when they were fighting (not literally pugnacious), wanted to get the cutest kids with them.

“aku nak die lah, die cute!”
“Aku nak yang ni!”

 Well, have you ever realize about the aftermath of your deed? We cannot take and say it out loud. We never really care about their feeling aren’t we? The only thing that played in our head is that;

“takpela, mereka ni budak, mereka tak kisah sangat pun”

Well you are wrong mate, you are sooo wrong. I was so sick at their act at that time so I decided to choose the one that they don’t wanted to choose at all. The most problematic child. Haikal

Before I continue the story about the trip, let me brief a lil about Haikal ok? Haikal was always isolated from the others, maybe because the way he think is different. And whenever Haikal involved in a fight, he always blamed and teacher Latifah will put him in the class instead of playing with us. I feel like crying when I see that.

The problem with Haikal is that, he doesn’t really know how to shield himself, so he always ended up being accused and get punishment.

Back to the trip, so when everyone is choosing I just yell;

“saya nak budak paling masalah sekali teacher!”

They looked at me and having a say-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking face. Well, loike I care! Long story short. The trip was excellent! I pampered him like a young prince; I think he deserves to be treated better than anyone. I even carry him on my head that he doesn’t have to walk, and he will start to scream;

“Wooohoo abang hisyam, tinggi lagi!”
*jumping a little
*teacher saw my action and started to scold
“apa kamu buat ni! Jatuh nanti!”
*:P today he is the prince, I don’t care what you guys say

And then we went to visit masjid Selangor in Shah Alam, he runs like he never run in his life, I pretended to chase him, pretending that he is out of control, but the truth is, I wanted him to run as much as he want! I want him to enjoy every second of the trip and hope he will always remember it. On the way back, he lean his head on me, it feels like having a small brother. His sleeps, it is so innocent and pure.

"hai abang and kakak, saya haikal~"

two post in one day huh..impressive

All the Same

Ever caught about the song “All The Same” by Sick Puppies?
Before you wanna read teh post, it would be better to play the song first and read em while ur listening. n_n

I’ve played this song for days and the lyrics keep frolicking in my head like a shaman’s chant to a voodoo doll. There are several reasons why I keep playing this song, yeah, several, aint just one.

And there is a certain part of the lyrics that catches my interest the most which is as follows;

“I don’t like illusions I can’t see
Them clearly”

It clearly state how I feel unerringly. Maybe my cranium is too thick and I have problem understanding how people actually think about me. I don’t mind really if a person hate me, or they like me, but I would really, really escalate if they say it on my face.

Because utmost of the time, I’m a paranoid who think that people will see me as someone that they don’t like and they have to sham to like me.

If you ponder having someone extraordinary in your life in your relationship will buzz out the solidity and loneliness you've been plaster all these years living in this world, well that’s not unerringly true and a valid intention to twitch a relationship.

Let’s make an analogy or correspondence shall we? Imagine there is a gigantic jar, and you wanted to fill the jar.

1. The mr/ms Right Person came into your life = the empty jar is filled with stone

When you plug up a jar with stone, you will realize that there are actually still lots of space between the stone and the jar right?

2. You started to go out, (knowing each other) = the jar that contains stone is now filled with sands

Now you might think that the jar is already copiously filled right? Like, how is a jar can be chockfull again right? They are too jam-packed to be filled. But think again mate.

3. Taking risk = filling the jar with water

When you are adage about falling or loving for someone, you have to take the risk and jeopardy a Iil right? You can’t always be on the safe side; you must be set to take the peril of being wounded or loved. You can’t say to yourself or others something like, I don’t wanna talk about this or that because I’m afraid having the idea of losing someone. Thus you will be restricting your line, and the fulfilment won’t be finalized.


Whatever i rant,it is not life related