Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kasut converse and Kasut bata

When I was going out with some of my friends, I wanted to go into a converse shop. I was so fascinated to a white converse shoe that looked so sophisticated yet classic. 

I was about to buy it and when I flipped the price tag, it costs two months of my money. And then abruptly from my back,

“eh, ni kasut sekolah aku dulu bad,kau nak beli kasut ni ke?”

I was silent for a while, and had bermonolog dalaman

“kasut dekat 2 rat ni hang cakap kasut sekolah, aku dulu kasut BATAK kot”

Yeah, one of this shoes can actually buy 8 similar shoes as mine. It didn’t end there;

“kasut ni dulu aku beli setiap tahun, tiap tahun beli kasut yang sama”

De Eff!!! U buy this shit every year for five years? wait, by adding another 6 years of primary school into that,ur actually wearing these freakin shoes for 11 years and aku Cuma mampu beli binatang harroom ni when I am already 21?

I was so envy to those who have richness beyond human expectation, its like they are living between the life of bruce wayne and uncle scrooge.

"one is diggin beetchah and the other is diggin munneh"

I wish I can give some filet mignon (I don’t even fookein know what kindda thing is that but I do know it is creakingly expensive!) but I can only give sate lembu satu cucuk to you.

I wanna write something longer but I cant really do that cause I don’t have my own laptop for the time being, so I will just put my idea into halt for a while..

Well the main question for this post is,
“Apa beza kasut converse dengan kasut bata?”

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midnight misery said...

haha the feel? but anything with the right attitude will be cool,no matter what brand you wear.