Thursday, December 29, 2011

Plaything and the Past

I sense their outlook about toys is come what may true. Enjoice, as it might be useful when you are having a lametard frork partner in life.

 H.S. Abell Jefrry 
Tekanan perasaan yang dialami seseorang masa kecil, akibat 'impian' untuk memiliki permainan tak tercapai, mungkin boleh ditebus masa dewasa
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 syazwan shafie 
tahu tak kalau menghina pasangan yang suka kumpul mainan tu sama macam menghina zaman kemiskinan dia dulu. mentang2 kau kaya
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 H.S. Abell Jefrry 
Perempuan, kalau teman lelaki kamu kumpul permainan, jangan suka hati maki/gelakkan dia. Mungkin masa kecil dia tak berpeluang merasa. :(
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just in case you don't know, lametard = lame + retard, frork = freak + dork

Friday, December 9, 2011

Can anyone translate this?

Can anyone decipher my dream? it is the third time already where i dreamed about being murdered But this time, i can remember it pretty visibly than before.

I was standing beside a grimy old pool, full of famished crocodile like a ghost in the offing. Their eyes, it’s arctic and serene i know they are ravenous. Then, someone pushed me from behind.

I fall into the pool and all those crocodile swim rush towards me. I try to swim, but i just cant, my arms are heavy like it was chained onto a titanic. Three of them got me and started to pull off my limb and arms. I scream and started to cry, then its 4.30. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guys #FTW

To all girls out there, i would like you all to watch this video, seriously, stop calling guys douchebags just because youre the one that create em,

Ok, dah tengok video ni sila butthurt. Fookein win dude! Ur the hero, its awesome when you started talking bout the Batman thingy and how Colombus is just annoyed with his wife. 

p/s : 
i know, i know, u mad?