Friday, December 9, 2011

Can anyone translate this?

Can anyone decipher my dream? it is the third time already where i dreamed about being murdered But this time, i can remember it pretty visibly than before.

I was standing beside a grimy old pool, full of famished crocodile like a ghost in the offing. Their eyes, it’s arctic and serene i know they are ravenous. Then, someone pushed me from behind.

I fall into the pool and all those crocodile swim rush towards me. I try to swim, but i just cant, my arms are heavy like it was chained onto a titanic. Three of them got me and started to pull off my limb and arms. I scream and started to cry, then its 4.30. 


wabit.ent said...

u cried?? r u serious??

Babad said...

its a dream wak..a dream..