Monday, May 30, 2011

Today my brother is going to be fling back to his college. And before he was back to his college, I hope we can just consort again, together, as a family. So I asked from my father early in the morning and was expected to be going out in the afternoon. Everybody contracted, even my cousins was about to be following. Everybody is preparing to get out taking shower (which includes me). But then as my brother wake up, and he uttered,

“Hisyam, tak payah la keluar, esok-esok boleh keluar”

Well, what he is saying is true, yes? I don’t know bout em, but when everybody has prepared and you are making a decision based on your own self, I call them egocentricity. I expect my father to ignore what he says, like he always does whenever I say the same, but voila! He agreed to what my brother said on the spot.


I do hope my parents are goin to read my blog one day, and get butthurt lol. btw this problem has been settled, whenever i sleep and wake up, the problem fades away, fun eh?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Their shoes are not our size

Zaman kanak-kanak. If everyone was given the chance to go back to their childhood time, mesti semua orang nak kan? But me? Naah. My life is getting better so aku taknak balik zaman kanak-kanak (pfft!)

Last 2 weeks aku travel pergi Melaka and Perak jadi speaker. Bagi talk pasal creativity kat budak sekolah under Stabilo. Susah giler! But nothing came easy at first kan, after a few practice and kena fire dengan group leader, baru ade improvement. Ok2 babad, back to the topic, masa aku travel ni, macam2 kerja kena buat including jumpa student and cikgu. Tapi aku nak emboss beberapa benda best pasal dunia kanak-kanak….

You don’t need talent to draw or color a picture

"hensem tak saya bang?"

Kalau tengok mereka ni lukis or color satu gambar, tangan tu pegang kadang-kadang sampai nak patah pensil tu. They stroke up and down sambil senyum. Its like they are enjoying the process so much. Mata color hijau, rambut purple, kulit oren. But still, they are proud of their works, siap cakap lagi kat aku,

“abang, saya lukis abang ni, cantik tak?”

Of course I am not like that but I like the way they see something, their satisfaction needs aint that high yet. Benda2 kecik pun diorang dah puas hati. Kan bagus kalau adults can think like them, don’t put high expectation on something.

Fat kids comel?
"sekarang hangpa nak cakap aku comel lagi tak?"

Bila tengok budak2 kecik yang gemok2 dan bersaiz seperti khinzir hutan, kite semua mesti cakap camni kan?

“Eee, comel giler budak tu tembam”
“Pipi die gebu ah, rasa nak cubit je!”
“ Aku nak anak aku comel macam tu ah”

Ok, first of all, korang ada tak tengok sekeliling budak tu, he is eating watermelon alone..alone for god’s sake. Budak kecik yang gemok tidak disukai rakan-rakan. In the eyes of an adult, fat kids are huggable  humongous bear, but dalam dunia kanak-kanak, they are just a fookein overly obese pig.