Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Melayu

Aku saja nak troll fan Edward dengan Fan Harry Potter, #problem?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids World

The thing that I miss the most in kmb would be the time with my classmate and the club activity. Well specifically it’s the Taska Adikku Sayang club.

Every fortnight we will go to taska and have lots and lots of bustle with the kids, sometimes we will act for them (its their favourite), play some games, or even dancing together. It’s the joy in their face that make my day seems brighter.

There is this one trip that we went together; it’s a trip to High5 bread factory. Well, at the commencement of the trip, we were prearranged the fortuitous to cherry-pick whoever we want to guide, one person will have the chance to guide one or two student. But it dismays and saddens me the most when they were fighting (not literally pugnacious), wanted to get the cutest kids with them.

“aku nak die lah, die cute!”
“Aku nak yang ni!”

 Well, have you ever realize about the aftermath of your deed? We cannot take and say it out loud. We never really care about their feeling aren’t we? The only thing that played in our head is that;

“takpela, mereka ni budak, mereka tak kisah sangat pun”

Well you are wrong mate, you are sooo wrong. I was so sick at their act at that time so I decided to choose the one that they don’t wanted to choose at all. The most problematic child. Haikal

Before I continue the story about the trip, let me brief a lil about Haikal ok? Haikal was always isolated from the others, maybe because the way he think is different. And whenever Haikal involved in a fight, he always blamed and teacher Latifah will put him in the class instead of playing with us. I feel like crying when I see that.

The problem with Haikal is that, he doesn’t really know how to shield himself, so he always ended up being accused and get punishment.

Back to the trip, so when everyone is choosing I just yell;

“saya nak budak paling masalah sekali teacher!”

They looked at me and having a say-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking face. Well, loike I care! Long story short. The trip was excellent! I pampered him like a young prince; I think he deserves to be treated better than anyone. I even carry him on my head that he doesn’t have to walk, and he will start to scream;

“Wooohoo abang hisyam, tinggi lagi!”
*jumping a little
*teacher saw my action and started to scold
“apa kamu buat ni! Jatuh nanti!”
*:P today he is the prince, I don’t care what you guys say

And then we went to visit masjid Selangor in Shah Alam, he runs like he never run in his life, I pretended to chase him, pretending that he is out of control, but the truth is, I wanted him to run as much as he want! I want him to enjoy every second of the trip and hope he will always remember it. On the way back, he lean his head on me, it feels like having a small brother. His sleeps, it is so innocent and pure.

"hai abang and kakak, saya haikal~"

two post in one day huh..impressive

All the Same

Ever caught about the song “All The Same” by Sick Puppies?
Before you wanna read teh post, it would be better to play the song first and read em while ur listening. n_n

I’ve played this song for days and the lyrics keep frolicking in my head like a shaman’s chant to a voodoo doll. There are several reasons why I keep playing this song, yeah, several, aint just one.

And there is a certain part of the lyrics that catches my interest the most which is as follows;

“I don’t like illusions I can’t see
Them clearly”

It clearly state how I feel unerringly. Maybe my cranium is too thick and I have problem understanding how people actually think about me. I don’t mind really if a person hate me, or they like me, but I would really, really escalate if they say it on my face.

Because utmost of the time, I’m a paranoid who think that people will see me as someone that they don’t like and they have to sham to like me.

If you ponder having someone extraordinary in your life in your relationship will buzz out the solidity and loneliness you've been plaster all these years living in this world, well that’s not unerringly true and a valid intention to twitch a relationship.

Let’s make an analogy or correspondence shall we? Imagine there is a gigantic jar, and you wanted to fill the jar.

1. The mr/ms Right Person came into your life = the empty jar is filled with stone

When you plug up a jar with stone, you will realize that there are actually still lots of space between the stone and the jar right?

2. You started to go out, (knowing each other) = the jar that contains stone is now filled with sands

Now you might think that the jar is already copiously filled right? Like, how is a jar can be chockfull again right? They are too jam-packed to be filled. But think again mate.

3. Taking risk = filling the jar with water

When you are adage about falling or loving for someone, you have to take the risk and jeopardy a Iil right? You can’t always be on the safe side; you must be set to take the peril of being wounded or loved. You can’t say to yourself or others something like, I don’t wanna talk about this or that because I’m afraid having the idea of losing someone. Thus you will be restricting your line, and the fulfilment won’t be finalized.


Whatever i rant,it is not life related

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Which Hogwarts House Are You?

There are more question, but I’m just gonna write few that I remembered and my fav

Which of the professor is your favorite?

I kind of liked Snape, when he was young, he looks unruffled you know, although he looks like a loner, maybe he got some issues with his confidence level, but hey, he managed to become a prof yo!

Jang Geun Suk~ a.k.a Professor Snape~

What? Look at his green attire and Snape –ish hair. Don’t you wanted to agree that he kindda have the look of Snape aint it right?

“Eee! Babad layan korea syial”
“STFU and GTFO!”

Ok2 enough of the butthurt, here is the real one, Voila!

“siot! Die hensem giler!”
“Sekarang pergi sapu krim kat bontot yang butthurt tu”

The houses at Hogwarts have numerous affiliations. Which of these is your favorite element?


Well, I do love water, without water, there cant be any coffe for me every morning right? or I might be smelly without proper shower. What I am trying to say is, I love water because it is sooo important in my life.

Plus, Swimming pool is jam-packed of water and chock-full of hawt chicks yaw!

Now everyone agree water is cool? or Hot~? HAAHA HA HA

Which parts of Hogwarts do you frequent most?

Dungeon! Dude, what’s more fun than playing with Cerberus. Plus fifty marks if you can make him your pet! Imagine yourself riding a three headed humongous dog! Its waaay cooler than riding a Yamaha R6 dawg!
"Faster Boys!"

“tu najis woi, hang tak blajaq agama ka?”
“bodoh aku tau la, aku nak cakap benda tu cool je”

Each house respects different qualities in its students. Which of these qualities suit you best?

I answered cunning. Yeah, cunning. Life edify me to be one, not much to comment about this.

If you were a metal, which metal would you be?


Silver would ensemble me. And so far, I only have a silver necklace and a silver ring in my possession. Both were given as my 8th birthday gift. Lots of story can were behind it where I might tell u next time. Back to silver, well, can’t help it, I like shiny things and I do hate gold, they are yellow –ish. Even in Chinese, if they say huang jing (gold), it really means crap. That is so not cool

In a tight situation, which characteristic do you rely on most to get you out?

Resourcefulness. Well it certainly have saved me in most of the times, it even saved my life a few times. One has to be resourceful to fight for their life right? Bravery itself is scarce.  

So I submitted the results and..


I’m a Slytherin! HAAHA HA HA

I always do this Harry Potter Quiz, but always ended up as a Slytherin maybe I just have to accept my fate huh.

Canvas of Life

At the commencement of my blogging, this consign, it used to be the place where I would just write anything and everything without judgment of consequences. I would rant and seethe anything just to get the thing in my head vacant.

And before this blog become my canvas of idea, it was the sketchbook. I got lots of sketchbook and I draw my reverie, my detestation and everything I wanted to. I draw man with wings cause sometimes I do dream of flying (everyone does, stop lying you pighead!). Or I draw monster so that they might pop out and bite of someone that I don’t like (I used to draw a dog biting my teacher’s ass #lulz).

And lately I started to torn down my wall and share it to people. Not many, only a handful and selected people whom I trusted. When we share with people, sometimes we do expect them to share back, because they are human aint it right? But humans have walls that they created.

Lately I don’t think sharing existed anymore, so it is better for me just to fabricate up the wall once more. It is the lack of reciprocal that causes me not to share anymore. It is not that easy for me to open myself up, but when I do, I kind of expected people to do the same because for me, humans are mutual with one another.

Ever heard about the story between a monkey and a boy, the boy wanted to eat some apple but he can’t climb, so he throw rocks at the monkey on a tree, the monkey throw him back with apples. That is how human communication should be, two ways (ignore the rock and the apples); in IT world it was called the 2.0. 

Without mutuality, an institute will crumble. Just look at friendster, do you know why it was closed down before? It’s because of the lack of 2.o (mutuality) between users (facebook got chat FTW). Let’s get back to the boy, imagine if the monkey didn’t throw anything back, what would happens to the boy? He will still keep on throwing until he was tired, so he walks away.

Maybe that how I am going to be too. Maybe I should get back to my old canvas, the sketchbook. In that way, I don’t have to expect anything right? The higher u fly, the harder u fall, thus, I wanted to fly low for a while. No more brick by boring brick eh?

i really think i have lost something but i didn't quiet know what it is