Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids World

The thing that I miss the most in kmb would be the time with my classmate and the club activity. Well specifically it’s the Taska Adikku Sayang club.

Every fortnight we will go to taska and have lots and lots of bustle with the kids, sometimes we will act for them (its their favourite), play some games, or even dancing together. It’s the joy in their face that make my day seems brighter.

There is this one trip that we went together; it’s a trip to High5 bread factory. Well, at the commencement of the trip, we were prearranged the fortuitous to cherry-pick whoever we want to guide, one person will have the chance to guide one or two student. But it dismays and saddens me the most when they were fighting (not literally pugnacious), wanted to get the cutest kids with them.

“aku nak die lah, die cute!”
“Aku nak yang ni!”

 Well, have you ever realize about the aftermath of your deed? We cannot take and say it out loud. We never really care about their feeling aren’t we? The only thing that played in our head is that;

“takpela, mereka ni budak, mereka tak kisah sangat pun”

Well you are wrong mate, you are sooo wrong. I was so sick at their act at that time so I decided to choose the one that they don’t wanted to choose at all. The most problematic child. Haikal

Before I continue the story about the trip, let me brief a lil about Haikal ok? Haikal was always isolated from the others, maybe because the way he think is different. And whenever Haikal involved in a fight, he always blamed and teacher Latifah will put him in the class instead of playing with us. I feel like crying when I see that.

The problem with Haikal is that, he doesn’t really know how to shield himself, so he always ended up being accused and get punishment.

Back to the trip, so when everyone is choosing I just yell;

“saya nak budak paling masalah sekali teacher!”

They looked at me and having a say-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking face. Well, loike I care! Long story short. The trip was excellent! I pampered him like a young prince; I think he deserves to be treated better than anyone. I even carry him on my head that he doesn’t have to walk, and he will start to scream;

“Wooohoo abang hisyam, tinggi lagi!”
*jumping a little
*teacher saw my action and started to scold
“apa kamu buat ni! Jatuh nanti!”
*:P today he is the prince, I don’t care what you guys say

And then we went to visit masjid Selangor in Shah Alam, he runs like he never run in his life, I pretended to chase him, pretending that he is out of control, but the truth is, I wanted him to run as much as he want! I want him to enjoy every second of the trip and hope he will always remember it. On the way back, he lean his head on me, it feels like having a small brother. His sleeps, it is so innocent and pure.

"hai abang and kakak, saya haikal~"

two post in one day huh..impressive

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