Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All the Same

Ever caught about the song “All The Same” by Sick Puppies?
Before you wanna read teh post, it would be better to play the song first and read em while ur listening. n_n

I’ve played this song for days and the lyrics keep frolicking in my head like a shaman’s chant to a voodoo doll. There are several reasons why I keep playing this song, yeah, several, aint just one.

And there is a certain part of the lyrics that catches my interest the most which is as follows;

“I don’t like illusions I can’t see
Them clearly”

It clearly state how I feel unerringly. Maybe my cranium is too thick and I have problem understanding how people actually think about me. I don’t mind really if a person hate me, or they like me, but I would really, really escalate if they say it on my face.

Because utmost of the time, I’m a paranoid who think that people will see me as someone that they don’t like and they have to sham to like me.

If you ponder having someone extraordinary in your life in your relationship will buzz out the solidity and loneliness you've been plaster all these years living in this world, well that’s not unerringly true and a valid intention to twitch a relationship.

Let’s make an analogy or correspondence shall we? Imagine there is a gigantic jar, and you wanted to fill the jar.

1. The mr/ms Right Person came into your life = the empty jar is filled with stone

When you plug up a jar with stone, you will realize that there are actually still lots of space between the stone and the jar right?

2. You started to go out, (knowing each other) = the jar that contains stone is now filled with sands

Now you might think that the jar is already copiously filled right? Like, how is a jar can be chockfull again right? They are too jam-packed to be filled. But think again mate.

3. Taking risk = filling the jar with water

When you are adage about falling or loving for someone, you have to take the risk and jeopardy a Iil right? You can’t always be on the safe side; you must be set to take the peril of being wounded or loved. You can’t say to yourself or others something like, I don’t wanna talk about this or that because I’m afraid having the idea of losing someone. Thus you will be restricting your line, and the fulfilment won’t be finalized.


Whatever i rant,it is not life related

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