Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canvas of Life

At the commencement of my blogging, this consign, it used to be the place where I would just write anything and everything without judgment of consequences. I would rant and seethe anything just to get the thing in my head vacant.

And before this blog become my canvas of idea, it was the sketchbook. I got lots of sketchbook and I draw my reverie, my detestation and everything I wanted to. I draw man with wings cause sometimes I do dream of flying (everyone does, stop lying you pighead!). Or I draw monster so that they might pop out and bite of someone that I don’t like (I used to draw a dog biting my teacher’s ass #lulz).

And lately I started to torn down my wall and share it to people. Not many, only a handful and selected people whom I trusted. When we share with people, sometimes we do expect them to share back, because they are human aint it right? But humans have walls that they created.

Lately I don’t think sharing existed anymore, so it is better for me just to fabricate up the wall once more. It is the lack of reciprocal that causes me not to share anymore. It is not that easy for me to open myself up, but when I do, I kind of expected people to do the same because for me, humans are mutual with one another.

Ever heard about the story between a monkey and a boy, the boy wanted to eat some apple but he can’t climb, so he throw rocks at the monkey on a tree, the monkey throw him back with apples. That is how human communication should be, two ways (ignore the rock and the apples); in IT world it was called the 2.0. 

Without mutuality, an institute will crumble. Just look at friendster, do you know why it was closed down before? It’s because of the lack of 2.o (mutuality) between users (facebook got chat FTW). Let’s get back to the boy, imagine if the monkey didn’t throw anything back, what would happens to the boy? He will still keep on throwing until he was tired, so he walks away.

Maybe that how I am going to be too. Maybe I should get back to my old canvas, the sketchbook. In that way, I don’t have to expect anything right? The higher u fly, the harder u fall, thus, I wanted to fly low for a while. No more brick by boring brick eh?

i really think i have lost something but i didn't quiet know what it is

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