Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Selamat Hari Kebapak

Happy Father’s Day!

Kat rumah orang susah sikit nak post something, but I just have to get the idea out ya know. And more, I wanna thanks my dad for a few things that happened in my life;
Ceramah motivasi dah tak berkesan

My dad was a counselor, so whenever he has program or seminar or anything such, he will always bring me along. It’s fun but motivational program aint work with me after that. Plus, it taught me the arts of lying and trolling. I attend a form 5 program thou I was just form 2 at the time.

“Salam, saya Fariz dari SMKA XXX”
„Saya Haikal dari SMJK YYY“

Then i will start to troll and guess what? Aku kencing semua orang bhai! And for that, I wanna thanks my dad for letting me be a good swindler eh? Hehe.

#1 Anak jadi kaki kencing

And for the program, have you ever attend a program where they wanted you to cry and remind you about how important your parents are to you? And the peak and climax of the program would be meeting your parents when they are at the back sitting.

“kamu semua sayang ibu kamu?ayah kamu ? »
*some will cry  and weep

But it sure is wrong when your parents is among the speakers eh, they cant be found anywhere. And after that, no more nangis-nangis untuk program motivasi eh abah.

#2 Anak immune program motivasi

My dad used to be the rule breaker, which some I think is the traits. He used to play firecrackers in the house;

“Abah, Hasyim tak habis berak lagi, orang dah nak pergi sembahyang raya ni”
*my dad grab one rocket crackers and put it under the door and
*my dad giggles like a child

#3 Anak abah jadi rule breaker

thanks for everything

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