Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snow White Bangang

Kids nowadays are so feeble and pitiable, they act up but we can’t really censure and blame them for anything. They are like sponge and has been granted by god the aptitude to absorb knowledge which has endless possibilities. Well that includes the horrific one. That’s how #adindaevans and #bbnu came out.
Well I say, we should blame all those happy-fake-like-storybooks.

Snow White:

" im sexeh~"

What a metaphor, but somehow it is significance about how the name was supposed to be. Snow can only be related to white, am I right? How in the god forsaken world that it is possible for a snow that is black?

“ais kacang hitam kowt~”
“pungkok hang, tu bukan snow la bijak”

Ok2, back to the topic, what I am trying to say is that this snow white is some kindda bad influence to kids nowadays based on some points which are :

She lives with seven guys

"imagine if this is happening lulz"

Angmoh panggil bersekedudukan, belacan tongued people call em cohabit. Its about living together, different gender, without any legal ties (marriage).

Wait the minute… Seven? OMFGULALA!! Its SEVEN bloody guys! What can you say if a lady is staying with seven fookein guys in a same house? How lewd and indecent is that? I am not one of the #serbanistas who can chant any of the words from the holy book from skin to skin. But I do know that living with seven guys doesn’t sound right.

She lives like a leech. And some girls out there, when they see this as something that is not wrong, it wouldn’t give em a slight culpability when they are living in the same house with guys which have no relations at all.

Now you know how #adindaevans came into this world right? Don’t blame her, blame the story book! Who do you expect reading the book then? An old hag which is in their mid 30’s with half of their heads are shiny? Or lady with so many stretch marks on their tummy that it looks like a truck’s tyre? NO! Its kids where some haven’t even have their own sweet tooth.

Shes a materialistic lady

"I didn't stole that candeh!"

At the beginning of the story, she was friendly with all those seven dwarves, she even cooked, cleaned the house and many more. Although shes an upperclass people. Upperclass people are soooo pampered nowadays, well, not just upperclas people, upperclass-people-wannabe might behave the same way and it disgusts me even moaaarrr!!!!

“ I tak boleh makan ni la”
“ coklat murah ni, makan nanti ade allergy reaction”
“ kenapa busuk sangat ni?”
“you nak I makan kat tempat ni ke? Bersih ke? Euuw”

Such a bimbo! Hang dok kat keramat je kot, bukan hang tido dalam KLCC so takyah la nak bimbo-bimbo sangat. Stop raging, back to topic, well snow white is actually one of em, at the end of the story, when a prince (upper-class-rich-handsome) came, he went to follow him without hesitation and leaving (smelleh-poor-fugly-midget).

In one way, its good aint it? Kids learned about how cruel the reality is from story book. So they know that they have to be rich to be someone, otherwise you will just be like those dwarves, sad and lonely, it they might ended up being gay #lulz.

Some reminder:

- If you wanted to read bedtime story to your children, think twice in choosing the book.
- don’t point fingers to youth, they are our future, guide em, don’t blame em


dang it feel so long..cant the time move faster?

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