Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hari ni baru nak check kat comment section blog aku, and guess what, its the longest comment ive ever got. Thanks to Aya Sofia and midnight misery for the comment. So this post is gonna be solely bout the comment they are posting which i found interesting.

" rasa cam discriminated"
paham perasaan awk..

juz klaz saya majoriti budak india, lecturer mostly import dari yeaahh, diorg cakap tamil without thinking yg non-indian ni x terasa ke..?

no, im not racist, percayala..saya sindri mix chinese, nk racist amende..? hee..tapi bende2 camni yg kadang2 wat saya kecik ati....

diorg baek tu baek, pandai, lecturer pun suberb, tp B considered la kan..

mayB x sama mcm aper yg awk rasa, but da point here is being discriminated...


ok, now next one is from midnight misery :

I agree yang some ustaz and ustazah have the tendency to discriminate kids. at my school, i was one of the bad kids, i did as many bad things as other kids, some even did more thatn me, but my ustazah said i was 'pelajar paling keras kepala dalam maktab ni' just cause i was always caught red-handed.

i'm always skeptical to ustazs and ustazahs. i think only seriously wise people can call themselves ustaz and ustazah. people who knew judging never brings good results, people who knew different people see the world in different way, people who not only learn religious studies, but is able to see Islam in everything the world offers, arts, aciences, maths etc.

btw, its in reply to my older post link

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