Thursday, January 19, 2012

No More

"its just a cup,or a smile"

I am just a colossal mortification and embarrassment. Now I’m going to show that fake face to everyone, EVERYONE. Yeah, including YOU. Hey guys, one more thing, impede hoping, it didn’t give you anything, anything at all. You will only end up getting upset and hurt in the end. Believe me, I have been bathed in hope up till now and its nothing but a complete twaddle. I give it up a long time ago, and think that I can hope again and I was wrong. If there is evil in this world, I would say that it is HOPE. From today on, I pledge on myself to commence the PRETENSE.

im really fucked up..


hudachesenu said...

Yeah, I used to think Hope is an evil bitch trying to play me, but believe me, after the dark cloud of yurs is gone, you'll see that it's not.

Babad said...

I would like to think that way..thanks..