Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A word of cowards some might say. But it is what I have been doing for my whole life. It makes me forget about the pain that I face, the hectic life that I am enduring. Come on, u would do the same if u are in my shoes rite?? So stop pretending on shows the mask of holiness to me will ya. Even a strong man can cry a river when he faces the “rome empire strike”. Yeah! U man! Dah2 jangan tengok belakang lagi bro!

As for me, I would keep myself busy, playing sports that I am not really good at, cutting my hair till I look idiot, fyi, I do look like mat rempit now for some stupid “statistic research” lol. How bout u?what would u do to make u feel happy, or at least ease the pain that u are facing for the time being.

well, if you are looking for something to inspire ur escapism method, u might wanna try to watch the movie "I Love You Man". some stupid ideas yet fruitful.

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