Friday, January 14, 2011

Jokes or Dorks?

There are many types of jokes that we have in this demonic world..But what I am gonna strain in this post this time is about the cruel jokes..

Cruel Jokes

It is easy to make such a joke..u don’t in point of fact have to use the “super brain” of yours with an IQ of 120 to come out with a joke..pitiless joke is a type of joke that makes u feel exasperated and infuriated at the end of the process..Lets say in a class(I like to use class cause to me it’s a symbol to community, microcosm) when someone come to u n started confessed her feelings.. She says how much she adores u n how she would blah blah blah bullshit bullshit.. and out of nowhere, theres butterfly around you.. and then, at the end of the day, it’s a lie cause a stupid game called Truth or Dare..I don’t know why people are tend to become an American and started to adopt their culture..they have smaller brain for god’s sake and they are complete animal..

okay2, now lets get back to our topic..this guy feel happy and BAAAMMMM!!!!..his heart broke like thin glass thrown on toilet bowl..most of the audience around will joy and roll on the floor laughing their ass off..but aint that stupid? Has anybody thought about how the guy’s feeling for a sec? no right? In the end he faked a smile and swallow sadness and he is a shading tears behind the mask of a joker..hatred is not really my style, I hardly hate people..but being cruel to others, that is just plain stupid and inconsiderate..apologize accepted..may the tears of consciousness in the sin wash ur simple mind within..

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