Thursday, January 27, 2011

I hate to say this, but I do not hate anybody. Just hoping that anyone who read this post will think twice when you blurted out your words in front of others.

The Horsedigger

When a horse is “mating”. They came from behind right?

They shriek hornily and it sounded horrifying. It is their nature, unpleasant but still it is their nature right? And how about human who acted that way? Maybe we should call them as HORSESHIT!

What will happen if someone stabs you in the front with a long and sharp samurai sword? It

hurts right? But at least you know it is coming and you can prepare your mental to “accept” the pain.

Now imagine your situation when there are small blades piercing from your back. And the pain is so excruciating that you wanna scream badly. But you can’t cause you didn’t sure either the pain was a virtual or real.

Now lets get back to reality. What happens if you are talking at the back of a person .

You talked with the “pasar” English and deafeningly till everyone can hear you. But when the person you badmouthed is coming, you lower your voice like a timid mouse in cage waiting for chees. Imagine how he will feel after he knows that you are talking about him.

You are selling his story here and there like th makcik jual kain tapi kali ni jual taik! Fook you man! That’s what we call as cowardy. If you have something bad about me just say it in my face! Stop spreading horseshit at my back and pretend you are my friend all this while. If you wanna shriek in my face just go ahead and u can fart in my face if you wanted to. I don’t really give a shit cause you know what? I like it when people say bad thing ON MY FACE! It is less hurting than the backstabbing dude.

It really happened to me a few times, whenever people look at me, it is like they saw a demented old circus monkey who is ready to rape anything that moves. It hurts even more when they started to whisper loudly. If you wanna whisper so badly, stop doing it in front of people that u talk bad to. Its kindda like raping them in their ears!

So while you read this, remember, nobody like it from the back, it is full of shit. Take the front “road” it is gave you more “satisfaction”.( It does sounded wrong wasn’t it?Aaah..stop imagining guys)

The Owl Cat

Owl is the symbol of prudent and intelligent, whilst cat is the symbol of cunning and deviousness.( I know it’s a lame name but don’t care bout it first k). Owl Cat usually think that most people are far more dim-witted and stupid(yes stupid!) They talked like they confirm masuk syurga but in fact they are jut making people who wanna do good thing feels bad.

In a surau, Come a non-familiar face and he started to look in disbelief. Looking at the non- familiar face like he is a reeking foul pig entering a house. His face will start to show the symptoms of disbelief. And when the prayer ended, he will make some kind of ceramah and invited the non-familiar face. Since that the non-familiar face is new and wanna have a change in his life, he accepted the offer open heartedly. Now the Owl Cat started to talk about religion and uses many Arabic terms and talked as if he is swallowing chalk. Ow u know what kindda tone I am talking about, it’s the alam = a’lam. Or sahabat will become sohabeit. I know it sounded terrible but that is how the scenario going around. Now back to the story, after talking a while to show his high astute level he will start talking bad shit about the non-familiar face guy.

“Kita kalau dah dekat susah ni, dekat-dekat exam ni baru nak ingat tuhan. Cuba ingat balik, rasa-rasa kita ni sebenarnya ikhlas ke tak nak ibadat ke sebab susah je baru ingat tuhan”

Fook man! Stop being so sarcastic and killing goodwill like stomping on a bird’s nest. Its cruel and not humane. And lastly, this man will start to feel exasperated and irritated with the wily words play. If a person is trying to do something good, you should help them, not killing their good intention.

The Kiasu Whore

Damn its good to be kiasu, but using others for your own advantage and taking every single words of others as a threat. That’s demonic. It is ok to think about your career and future, but taking others as just a stepping stone and not as friend, damn its annoying. Stop posting on facebook like you can take other people to study other than you. It is like you cannot lose to even a single person in your life. Life is not just about winning you whore! You use your sweet voice and nice look to “pancing” people into your trap so you can get and A. They do your work despite the fact that you are only using them. What kind of attitude is that? Its demonic,DEMONIC!

Imagine if you are in a working field. What will you do to be on the top? You sleep with every boss that you meet just to get promotion. Stop it will ya?

If you really wanna whoring so badly, live in Ethiopia. You can get 20k in one day with your BPhram and whoring skills. Seriously! In one month you will be richer that mayhadeihrt.

There it goes. All my rage has been drained like mana used insanely. I have the second and third version, but its already 12 and I still haven’t memorize all my slides yet, sheyat!HAHAHA..

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