Saturday, January 22, 2011

Research la konon

Judgmental and Condemnatory

A few weeks before, I was thinking bout how human will react based on the human presentation. A creepy idea flows in my head like niagra falls, and here are some situation that might happens in the test im gonna make :

First of all, I am gonna cut my hair like the “mat rempit”.

Oh u know what kindda hair im talking about, it’s the punk + grunge + dork hair.

So I asked a close friend of mine to cut my hair accordingly. And he ended up saying and asking me, “bad, rambut ko dah mcm prof Nasa woi!”. Shit, now I’m making fun of myself, but I said to myself, no, finish ur mission brah. So despite my falling pride, I continue with my mission.

And now, the mission has continued for one week,one whole week. Dang its hard to survive that but thank god I managed to do so. And here are some of the comment I got so far

“comel la rambut ko babad~” - +1

“woi rempit!” - -1

“mak ko tau x?” - +1

“aku botak ko rempit,nice!” - +1

“macam mat rempit blakang umah aku” - -1

“ko nak jadi samseng ke syial?” - -1

There are many more and I am kindda tired to write it all. Ao I have summed it up into the following :

- 9 person has given negative feedback and 8 are good one. So another 3 should be enough.

I think another week should be enough. And so far, the progress is continuing according to my plan.( what a cocky bastard I am lol ^^)

So im gonna post the results next week..

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