Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something i might regret doing..

I am stupid, just that im working harder than anyone else(not really,coz im a lazy bum too) I ended up being a loser..Since I was a kid n having my first sweet tooth, I never really get what I wanted, being born in a family with a twin makes everything that u do will be compared..either it is school tests, behavior, or even the way u walk.. it is hard to live in expectation so what I am trying to do is to escape as much as I can from being Norhisyam bin Anuar and be Babad.

Well, let me begin with the awesomeness of Babad..He used to date 4 girl at once (YES ur not playing stupid illusion with ur eyes, its 4 for god’s sake!!!) with his wit and talent with the gurls..but guess what, none of them felt real..He lies to people but he hardly get caught..

Well that certainly look like me XD

As for Hisyam, he was just a normal guy..Well, not so normal, he always felts guilt in his head n heart..He enjoys playing with kids(not a PEDOBEAR)love to see people smile..At the same time, he felt guilty to what have been done by Babad..he considered it as irresponsible and egotistical..Felt sorry for all the gurls that has been involved..And now, he wanna fall in love but he is afraid that it might ended up in a hurting he locked himself deep..deeper so that in a vessel of truth, only Babad existed..

Well who can reject their smiles rite?

I know, I might regret of doing this tomorrow..

I might ended up being a joke too..

So even after u read this, just ignore the fact that I am hisyam, I AM BABAD..

Its for the goodness of all..


It is 4 an I still can’t sleep..maybe I just can’t..i need to get this out of my head as it might crack any moment..

Now my head felt lighter than it has been..

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