Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So much about spending “quality” time in the house..In the house, everyone seems so selfish, he will only be in the house when it is in the evening, around 6..what kind of work hour where u have to spend 10 hours a day, office hour suppose to be 8 hours, ur not even getting any extra money for all your extra work with the white devil cylinder.. Talking to him is not like talking with father, its more like talking with a boss, no argument, no suggestion, only one way communication is enabled..

What is the point of having a holiday when what sew in the heart is only hatred and respect..

Lets take a situation from below and compare it with a normal family :

When parents get home:

Normal parents : How was your day son?

My parents : Have u cleaned the car? Sweep the house? U haven’t? why didn’t u do it? Is it so hard for u to do chores?(more like a slavery) Why u!!!why did u stare me like that? I told u to cook fish rite? Wheres the fish? FISH!!!

That was nothing?lets take another frikkin example,

When u haven’t called ur parents for few days:

Normal parents : (start calling) Son, are u ok? How was ur life?busy wasn’t it? Its ok..just take ur time and rest more..

My parents : (I wont call u coz ur ma son, so im gonna call when I see some guilt text sent to me) It is ok if your not calling, a mum that miss her child is like a bad son that will rot in hell..its Derhaka..

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