Sunday, January 23, 2011

Past is a classic music played in wit

There are two choices in this world. One is to become the good guy and the bad guy. Well, if u choose to be the good guy, u will regret because people don’t like good guy cause they are not cool!

When I was in a boarding school, I tried to be the angel in school, I went to surau everyday and never missed. Not even once! (I know its hard to believe them but its true. And I never really mingle with the badass in school (this is where the bad part begins) In the school, there are two types of people, the rules follower and the rules breaker.

Rules follower :

They are the teacher’s pet, the angel and the one who always follow what has been ordered. girls don’t seem to like them so muc. It’s a mystery to me cause I don’t know why. I mean, nice guy should be the one that people like right?

Rules Breaker :

They are the baddass, the cool guy, the hot guy and girls are like toys to them. (shit, I envy them so much) They can say anything they want and it still seems cool to other kids in the school. They break school rules and people praise them. What the hell happened to this world????? ARGH!!!

But after a few years leaving the school, I still didn’t see the good of being the good guy. Nobody will praise you for doing good thing cause they will only blame the black past that you have in your life.

And that is why, I would prefer to be the bad guy, the one people will hate, cause I think people will like it and I will look cool. But deep inside, I know this is not what I am. I scream a silence and regretting in my pillow. What to do, a wise man said, when you have done a bad thing, there is no repent until the face of death…

Its ok to be bad!lol

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