Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Since that I loathed to be in the cliché, I would to a certain extent be writing something that is completely biting wit (oxymoron is my favorite words btw)
"muka katak?"

It was supposed to be an entry about black is cool. Ok, let me solicit you back, to sit back and reflect about black, how cool is black? BAM! It wasn’t even close to a plane of coolness yes? And I will start to blabber and chatter about how not cool they are and why white is soooooo much cooler than black (LULZ);


"he is the legend"

Ever heard about Simo Hayha? No? haha. Ok, apparently at the beginning of his life, he is boring, but it was when Soviet Union assaulted and attacked his homeland, he wanted to be the martyr. And in order to do so, he went into the forest like a hibernating polar bear, sniped all those badass in six ft of snow and -30oC below zero (defak??). if it was me, my mucus wouldn’t even have enough time to tap my mouth as it will freeze on the way.

So the dang Ruskies got butthurt and started to hound Hayha. Russian sent hundreds of scouts, counter –snipers, explosive bullets and bombarded the whole area. What a coward, but to no avail cause Hayha killed them all! PWNED. And in the 100 days, he summed up his trophies if headshot into 542 heads and 150 with smg (do the calculation on your own duh!).And at this time, he was called as the “THE WHITE DEATH”. Did you see that? It is white; it is fookein white and not black lulz!

1-0. *clapping sound for the first kill

"all we have to decide is what to do with given times" - gandalf-

The Lord of the Ring, J.R.R Tolkien, a grand story and the thing that I wanted to embellish about this story is the character, Gandalf. He is a wizard, at the establishment of the story, he was called as Gandalf the Gray. And at this part of movie, he was just a scrawny magician weigh against to Saruman. He was even whitewashed badly due to his color, I mean, power that he posses at that time.

But fear not, as at the nearly end of the story, he was known as “GANDALF THE WHITE”. He waves his wand and kicked those entire badass, he became more and more astute than he was before. And lead a long and peaceful life to the whole middle-earthian. Wait a minute; did you see what I see? It was White again. Lulz.

2-0 *double kill! wave~

"let them decide"

I even say someone post about the beauty of a black diamond here link. Well let me ask you Mr. Wiseguyz, if you are proposing to a lady, in a full set restaurant of diner club, and when you kneeled on one foot, and show her a black diamond, what is her reaction?
“ Where do you get this ugly stone?”
“ it doesn’t even shine, do you think I am that cheap?”
“ you shouldn’t joke about this okay”
And worst thing worst, you will end up with a bitch-slap on your face lulz. It’s a waste because she didn’t even know that a black diamond is actually taking 3.8 million years to be formed. She might even get more incensed and lifted her high heeled gladiator shoes and *SWACK! It is in your skull. HAAHA HA HA

3-0. triple kill! star jump!


Ok, in this world, if you see many types of rare animals, they were all in white. Still don’t believe me? See the picture below a starts using your medulla oblongata;

"cool eh~"

See, and stop jaw dropping and drooling, I know it is awe. I felt the same too. in some country, they are even known as the descendant and essence of god! Seriously.

4-0. OWNING!!

Okay, that’s that, for my entry on and since that the rules have been set, I will follow it as below;

HEAD : Helmi , Saiful , Husna , Syakir , Naim
LINK : Husna and Azrin

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