Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting over (gals)

Whenever there is a start, there is always a closing stage. When you amuse yourself in games, either you prevail or be beaten. And life, life isn’t a fairy tale, it’s like a game, you either win, or lose. The same goes with relationship, you don’t always get the fairy tale to end a happy ending right? So here are some tips to overlook about the love;

Make a list on ugly and horrible things that you can found on him
"its a long list i see"

Ok, in this step, it is better to discontinue thinking too much fine thing about him.

“tapi die banyak sangat berkorban untuk saya?”

Put out of your mind about what he has done, if he does in fact be concerned so much about you, he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you like this right? And the most imperative thing about him that you should do in this step is, DON’T FOOKIN EVAR HOLD BACK! Seriously, you guys broke up already, hatred bulked up and swirled your life. So there must be a lot to write in the list right? Even if he likes to korek hidung public pun you just write em up. Ok now, the next step has its correlation to the first step which is;

Refer back to the list whenever you think about him
"my bf luv to dig"

HAAHA HA HA. Ok2, I know I shouldn’t laugh. But its funneh ok.(bodo la babad nih, x sensitif langsung) Alright2. Well, just as the small title, explained the intact procedure. Sometimes, when you are alone, you will start to sense about him again right? right? Betol la wei!i mengaku je la! Well, now take the list out when the feeling starts to linger, and read em up. It is like a negative feedback mechanism. You will counter back the feeling.

Throw everything that has remote reminder of you on him
"you reminded me of my ex,now die!!"

This might be the hardest step in the world evar. Those photos, gifts, teddy bear, love letters, and clothes that has been given to you. It might be the hardest step, but it is essential for you to get over it.

“tapi barang tu mahal la, takkan nak buang gak?”

Just throw em! Don’t be indecisive, or you might be repentant later. Jangan la sengkek sangat woi! And don’t even thinking about giving em to your sister, that is suicidal. But if you still think its hard to throw em away, box all those memories and give it to someone you know.

Thou shall not call/text him EVAR!
randomly picked but its good

Gave yourself some space, stop contacting with him and try as hard as you can to avoid him at any cause. Example ;

Deringan lagu truetone Lady Gagak*

Hang baru dengaq suara dah ketaq lutut! See! That is why you can never, ever, say never. I mean never call/text him. (I really need to start get serious) whenever you heard his voice, you will start to get sorrow and be mellow again. Do everything in your power to stay out of his life.

x dibenarkan untuk menghanjeng orang for a week..=.="


Alan Chin said...

spe yg x bgy ko nganjeng ord bad?..haha...
thx co dgar sket ckp..lolz....c(=

i.a.m.r said...

bad..ttbe aku rse ko ni cm pompuan..
heee :D

Babad said...

alan : kang nganjeng nanges lan
izzah : agak2 la..aku jantan lg

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nnt aku nak try nie..:)