Friday, March 4, 2011

Point of View in The Eye of a Dim Witted Reader 2

Crammed my time that was hypothetical to be used for the sake of homework, but I used it for bloghopping (again). Again, disenchantment creeps in my vein like Niagara Falls. Well what to be anticipated right? Mostly were suggested by my brother so no biggie, they are juvenile~(sarcasm)

Billboard Blog
"the blog is exactly like this billboard"

Ok, the photoshop dexterity is superb and it brings awe in my eye. Pfft! what an arse, you header is so immense and enormous that it discharge half of the page and took so long to load your page! Whats the point off having such a big header of page? It is super annoying. Imagine that you are watching tv, and there is a rolling bars advertisement below. Ok now think what will happen if the ads are as big as a hippopotamus and consumed one third of the tv? WTFULALA rite?

“but it shows what I am?”

People comprehend blog, not translate your header. People will only grasp your chic based on your writing style, not your header. If that can’t even get all the way through your thick skull, then endeavor imagine yourself in a jam-packed set of oversized gown, with tie, and bowtie, and jewelers, with crown and cowboy hat. See? U look like a clown!

Circus Cursor

First the cursor is used to point fixation. And click link. But what if the shape is like a bowtie, and I can’t see the corner at all? I can’t even drop a fookin comment! here is the link to not hide the stoopid-ness

“lala, ok2, I seriously need to gave some comment”
“wth is wrong with the cursor?”

What happened with the cursor? Its fookin unfeasible because the coding has been altered an it does not works the way as it should be. 
"thats what i call distraction"

Plus, the cursor drops glitter, so I can’t move my cursor to read the content. What impudent type of action is that? It is like reading with pom pom girl in front of you.

Copy Pasta Bloga
"he's a jerk, so its ok"

Based on the name, they are known for their jerky stance. They copy from whichever email that they got, or simply from another blog content that they read. Worst thing worst, their content is already notorious and it is a complete out dated already. Remember about the bosom infestation news?
Yeah, it is disgusting. I know. But back to the topic, he totally copy pasted it and reclaim that he knows it. But he didn’t even do any research about the topic. When people dropped a comment about the fake theories, he deleted the comment.PWNED! (doboh syial, next time move your brain a lil, and do research on your topic before you write em!)

Follower boast blog
"i'm stoopeid and i'm proud"

The stoopeid thing about this kindda blog is, they locate the follower on top of the blog. Their header is fugly, and then on below of it, they put the list of follower on their blog, 100+ of it! So the gist is that, half of the screen is already consumed. How super stupid is that?

“ Thank you for my 170th follower”
“here is some gift for you”
* a glitter text written “thanks for being my 170th follower”
Pfft! more like “my 170th dog”. HAAHA HA HA.

Let me ask you something, how many in point of fact reads your blog? I think they are fooled by you and your trick in fishing followers lol. Your like a peacock, only beauty and fame, but fake.


Close reading is not reading closely, it is taking a person’s art and torn em into you know..

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