Friday, March 11, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa - The Malay Bloodlines Chronicles

"what a cool poster eh"

Well, this film was unquestionably breath winning. Obviously I wasn’t expecting the movie to be like 300 rights? But it wasn’t so ghastly nevertheless; no great deal of discontent was sensed for the whole movie.
I was not flat sporadic as I watch the movies and it was utterly awe for me. But a few suggestion and comment would not hurt right;

Mystery elements
"an epic ghost story teller"

The preface was satisfactory, but I was expecting him to use Zainal Ariffin Ismail to be the narrator basis he has the mysterious type of voice that will quiver your bone right? A little bit element of eccentricity would be perfect to the introduction.

Stoopeid Scene

All movies got their weaknesses, but what is the most important thing is not to make it too fookin obvious rite? At least make it a little more correlated to the film.
And there is this one scene that I was sooooo disappointed,

“turun turun die dah mati”
“turun cepat”
*everyone smash to smithereens and died except Merong(of course)

See the quandary and predicament? A tower plunges and abruptly everybody died! De Efff!! it wasn’t even in the vicinity of logical. Ok, I know that they added the mystical elements to the story about witch crafting and those kick-ass-fat shaman (which was cool), but that scene, hmm.. it is still a no no to me..

"his hair looked like yeti in Kak Limah Ghost's Goes Home"

Fakkap Fighting Scene
"burnein HOT!!"

The fighting scene was splendid and remarkable, but it would be enhanced if it wasn’t fast forwarded. It is ok for me as the whole thing was totally understandable for a dim witted mind as I am, but imagine a thick-skulled-kampong-nelayan-guy (ur an ass for talking too much beside me) watched the movies, and fighting scene is the only thing that they enjoy, for sure they didn’t know how the story goes eh?

*everyone tumbang

WADEHELL?? How did he do that? Few slash and everyone down already? After the movies I saw the guy again and he was saying;

“cerita tu buat aku nak parang orang hidup-hidup”

See there? That’s why I called him an ass.

Wrong Actor
"did someone blinked? lulz"

Ok, this is kindda funneh. I am trying to ponder my mind and then there is this one single scene where the army from the Roman Empire and The Great China Empire came to rescue.

*A whole line up of soldier is ready to attack,
*the camera moved from right side of the army
*then to the left
*it moves slowly
*focusing on every faces
“weyh! Tu bukan cine ke??”

WTFULALA, sengal gak minah (aflyn) ni pegi jerit, (saje2 nganjeng). But what she was saying is the exactness. A line of Amolang and then suddenly, a sepet guy was in the front line. TROLOL, what happened to KRU production? 

If they want some Mat Salleh guy, they can just find it in cyberheight, it wasn’t even far from their office what. Cyberheights have lots of pak araib that are bajet mamat uk which will be more useful than being a drunk ass and Gadoh Baling Speaker.

So I wanna end my review on the movies, it was awesome movies and my munneh was worth it.


Thanks ah kawan-kawan sebab ajak aku..^^


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