Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mind's Eye and Yarn

When I was in mid valley, I imagined impressive thing that is far ahead of my mind's eye, what will ensue if someone, a mad scientist that was heartbroken due to PE(lulz). He barged into the mall and started to run amok and banged a biological weapon in the mall? 
"thy shall die in vain~"

Everyone will initiate to scream and mayhem and devastation is fashioned. Trepidation and fear is in the mist and everyone is tremulous in fear. You and a few friends of yours are stuck in the cinema watching I Am Number Four. Being ignorant. When you came out, one and all has turned into inert zombie which pine for brain. You seek to run but to no avail as they came ubiquitously. Propitious for you, they are sluggish. So you can make a nippy verdict to run.

Your head is indistinct cause of the mist and the smell, one of your friends is dented and he lost some of his blood. Now the game starts here. Where is the first place that you will go?
My friend is seriously wounded; I need to think fast, so I will go to the pharmacy first? NAAH! (my classmate will kill me for sure lol) I will go to the hardware store foremost. Why? I will endow with you the reason on why.
"this is the reason!"
Wait? Oi! thats the totally wrong picture. Who changed it. dang arse.

"look at that?!"

First of all, they got everything that we need to survive and shield ourselves. They got hammer, saw, chainsaw!!! And the whole thing that your parents bar and prohibit you from playing when you lose your sugar tooth. Imagine all those tools are in your hands, with a little creativity and madness; u can create anything you want. From a body armor, to defend you to a land mower equipped with spinning chainsaw and flamethrower!! That tear a 20 person with one swing. How cool is that?! Even a tenth grade kids would jizzed if they were allowed to do that.

“bodo! Macam mana nak pasang semua tu?”
“that’s why we use imagination you retard!”


Ok, now the next part is to save your friend as he started to lose more blood. (but if it is someone I hate, aku buat bodo je biaq die mati x sempat ngucap selain jerit zombie2) The job has been engrave off into easier form where you can easily use your fighting tools to fight through all the zombies. HAAHA HA HA! I am the new Hitler that is going to carnage!
"ok, now its getting irony"

Who care about their lives, they are as good as dead already. Now you can fulfill your fantasy after watching SAW series or The Hostel. Slashing ribs apart, flying their heads off their body, scattering limbs from limbs. Nobody would care.(I think I scared maself)

With the blink of an eye, your by now in front of the pharmacy, you seize something to plug the hole, clean the wound and he is as good as new. So now everyone has been recovered, but the only problem is that your stomach is tetchy like mad, and everyone seems to be pooped.

You will then started to imagine Pizza, or McD, or some angry whooper (sheyat, now im the one famished). But NO! No can do. Those need to be cooked first, and it might get infected already. So you will be forced to go to a one stop shop. Grab as much Carbs as you can. And it is better if it sealed in plastic type, Swiggle, Gerdenia, Apollo, ok I know I am sucks at remembering those kids junk healthy food names. But you get the message I am trying to give right. It is not just about instant energy, you need to fight to survive, not fight to win. Consider that in mind.

You are now searching for any possible way to retrieve communication with the outside world, tracking and trying. Hoping.


HAAHA HA HA, I know I scribbled something extraneous, but who cares right?

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