Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lab is Fun-neh

Lab is one of the most tedious and lackluster thing that you will face in your education life. But providentially my classmate came out with a small number of ideas a propos overcoming the boring lab interlude. And these are their activities when they are in the lab.


It is a very emblematic activity more than ever when you are introduced into a new group mate or the experiment is in some way got some extraordinary and amusing elements.

"see! i got proof what"

They are typically people that can be categorized as narcissistic. It is not a ghastly thing at all, but it can be considered as something amusing and enjoyable right?  But prior to that, in order for you to take the picture of your own, or untuk kurangkan malu, ur gonna take picture with ur friends so that you will not be labeled as a narcissist right? (stop lying la, as soon as you are home, you will initiate to crop the picture and put your own face as a profile picture in facebook #lulz)


Well, it ensue all the times, no matter wherever and whenever, I know that one way or another it is inevitable to do so. It happens mutually to girls and guys, BUT, girls will be more prominent in contributing to this field. OUCH!

"they are gossiping, believe me they do"

Well the gossip aint limits to solitary students, but also to the lecturer. Dang they really shouldn’t do that, because they are the one that edify us. But even I have done the same thing sometimes, I know, it is very bad and awful of me by doing so, it is just that I can’t really plunk the infuriating and maddening behavior embossed by the lecturer during lab.

DATING (hitting on gurls)

It is hard to detect this situation, but once you have an eye on it, you will start to comprehend that it is so funneh!

“Macam la takde mase lain nak ngorat”

Weyh! Be creative la, if you meet a nice gurl and hit her by asking the time is soooooo suppa lamefak already la weyh. It is the trick that is performed in “Ali Setan” boleh la. Now it is 2011, one year left until Jay Sean’s Armageddon. So be ingenious in your way to hitting gurls la bro. Thus it makes that hitting gurl during lab is not an appalling idea after all.

"for mere distraction as i cant find any lab related date pict"

Besides, its kindda quixotic what, just like scene in “SEPI” where Afdlin Shauki and Vanida Imran romantically date in the kitchen playing with food (aaw~), but change the picture into dating in lab instead, where u guys throw HCl and Aniline to each other, how fun was that eh?

“hik hik, janganlah baling~”
*Bottle of HCl break on the gurl’s face

Her face deformed and the guy apparently was sued due to battering HCl and was accused for being a terroreist. Ok2, I am just kidding k, u can throw something that is less hazardous like NaCl (ni kalau baling muka deform gak tak tau ah) and get scolded by Kak Wahid (#lulz)


"seriously naqi would be mad lulz"

Ok, this is normally implied to those who have bf/gf. You are doing experiment and taking up some apparatus, then you started to hear something mushy2, sappy, fappy (oops!) at the back of yours;

“jangan la macam ni”
“you tak boleh buat kat I macam ni”
“but semalam I kat rumah je, sumpah!”

I think you guys might be old and mature enough to understand the situation above right? Thus, further explanation about the situation is prohibited to cover the stupeidity of the person and for lulzing purposes.


For this type of thing, I can’t really explain much about em, but you can just view the video below.

"HAAHA HA HA, kepala pika terbang~"

I need to write something, it is a sort of escapism. And hope your guys know what surrealism is.

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