Monday, March 14, 2011


Since that I crammed my heart with some rage, I know that it is not unproblematic to nourish them. But it kindda easy to burst them out ya. Yesterday was a morsel callous and rigid for me as I have to become a pengapit( and the day before). Sorry, can’t uncover a better expressions, might be bridesmaid (that sounded sooo gay).

So the whole bridesmaiding thingy was new to me. I didn’t really be on familiar terms with what to do. But I do take pleasure in my time being one. But my eagle eyes didn’t stop to scrutinize the people around me and here are some populace that kindda annoy me during the whole kenduri;

Mak Cik Internet
"yaw yaw, twitter is so lame yaw"

If you think that twitter is so cool, think back, cause yesterday I saw a human internet.

“semalam kau tau tak yang X pergi beli kete baru~”
“tau-tau, beli kete Alphard G version warna hitam rim color emas”
“tapi kan die keje kat bendang je”
“tu ah, hari tu aku dengar ade orang kampong yang rumah kne pecah”
“aku rase die la kot”

Did you grab the situation? Their mouth makes twitter looks like pussy. And it kind of astounds me about their acquaintance on cars, I didn’t even know how many kind of Alphard there are and she can even specifically talk about one. But their information reliability was also a lil bit out of the box. How can she relate the house breaking incident with a new alphard, what if that person is in pure providence and hit the lottery?

KL (Kandang Lembu) Boys
"sekadar gambar hiasan"

I wasn’t really lice in a city. So I know how to live a normal life and not bragging too much. But these guy, I didn’t know what is in their head. You live in kampong, so be like one. No matter how “city” your garb is, it won’t make any difference.
Since that I was a lil retard in nature, I do have the face to ask them about the attire;

“mat, apsal pakai camni?”
“fashion bro, aku beli kat butik ni”
“tapi tak pelik ke pakai cap kecik, seluar cikang, n shades p diddy?”
“mne ade, ko tau ape, pakai baju melayu lagi”
*for god’s sake, im the braidsmaid u donkey arse

See their problem? They aren’t just bigheaded but also stoopeid. It is not because they live in kampong, but because they are ignorance. How can a person wear a jacket in a 300C weather? And you actually sweat like hell in this midday with sun on your forehead?

80s, 90s and Old Song
"even then they look old"

If it was 20 fookein years ago, then it might be ok la. But it is 2011 weyh, another year it might be Armageddon (according to Jay Sean in his song).
I might be ignorance in this fact, but I do not really understand how they actually love this kindda song. 70% of the people who are presence in the wedding ceremonial can be considered as youth. And they don’t really actually have the gut to revolutionize the “song”. And the karaoke guy, he actually uses 14 inch screen tv to play the song, and I lulzed to see the not-so-cool-soon-to-meet-grave pakcik trying hard looking into the screen and sing, what a twinge in the butt.
"imagine him singing~"

Plus 200% hatred and rage when a skinny B.A.Baracus started to scream his epiglottis out. Even my brother raged;

“bodoh la mamat tu”
“dah la suara tak sedap, pastu pasang kuat-kuat bangang punya budak”
“Pegi la tego”
“dah, die buat bodo sambil buat gaya rempit”

If it is my wedding, I would put a DJ on the centre of the crowd and spin some ass of mine. If it was a clubmix, nobody would care if the music was loud right? lulz
"im the groom, im the dj yaw!"

Igorance Mother

In wedding ceremony, it is one of the most infuriating things I have to encounter. Not because they are not cute, but sometimes they are soooooo annoying. But if Michael Jackson was still around he might be the happiest person lulz.

*talking with my friend
*a 2 years old kid grabbing an ice cream from my mouth

De Eff?? Who is this kid? And he is too cute and adorable for me to be nutty at him (that’s why I hate cute creatures sometimes, you just can’t be mad at em) and then suddenly a mother came and apologizes. Few minutes later, another kids running and dropped his ayam panggang  on my pants.FFFUUUU and again another ignorance mother came and apologize.
"what if the child is taking bong beyatch?!"

I still remember when I was still a kid,  I was only allowed to go to a wedding ceremony or any kenduri when I can appropriately behave and conduct myself. Otherwise it is a no no for me. There is this once, when I was back from a wedding ceremony, my parents were in a complete rage when they hit me because I was being mischievous during  kenduri. But who can blame a 5 years old kid doing some havoc rite?

Well my rage ends here. And I wanted to close the curtain and take a bow.
Thanks for my friend that came to my cousin’s wedding. I know it was really far, and you guys have to drive 3 hours to come here. XD

bodoh la babad, lab tak siap2 lagi

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