Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I discern in this case I was a lil wrong, ok2 I divulge it. I am soooo wrong! Satisfied? Wadehel was off beam with making fun of your pal? Ok, I was too much. That is what you’re gonna say rite? Bullshit. When I was the victim, there wasn’t anybody that backs me up and now? When I’m in the site of making fun, I was scolded. What an atrocious and supa stoopeid nature is that?
I am no man of serban, no ustaz and far from a tahfiz. But I never missed my prayer and daily recite of quran. But I don’t have to show it on facebook or blog rite?

“Syukur, akhirnya berjaya”
“mengapa kita tidak fikirkan saudara kita disana?”
“Subhanallah, indahnya bumi Ireland”
“anda hebat ? tapi Dia lagi hebat. anda ada kekasih ? saya tiada tapi saya ada Dia.”

All this was real example, not to say that they are wrong. But I was a little curious about their way of expressing gratefulness. If it is me, I would do sujud syukur, it wasnt even hard and it is better than writing it on facebook and expecting people to like the status. When we are obliged, we thank Him! Not him(human).What a famewhore. Pfft!

Well. You guys can disgust me for being myself, and I don’t think im gonna amend into a serbanist for the sake of others right. I will do what I think are right and I will not fractious the line again. And even if you thought that I am the essence of hell, I can’t change the dubious mind of yours, its your head and life, I would not care a bit about your opinion to me. 

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