Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camera? puh lissss la

Apparently I saw lots of kids, yeah kids, with those entire expensive camera, whoring fame in malls. Some even wear caps n shades, dang, sejak bile la plak ade matahari terik dalam malls you stoopeid bastards.

And the thing that I would like to emboss is that, why camera? Do you really know how to us em? Furthermore, what kindda picture do you actually take?

"magic eh?tangkap gambar takyah bukak lens" (stupeid arse)

It’s a monstrosity to saw these groups of people showing off their prosperity. My eyes burn in third degree with what I saw.

"gambar blur camni, nenek aku yg parkinson lagi lawa gambar die"(joke)

So guys, before you wanted to follow a trend, remember your intention, niat is our core in doing what we wanted to do, it’s the first of the 40 hadith. It is not gonna be the first if it’s not that important, and that’s why it’s the core.

The last hanjeng. Naaaaahh!!! No can do! hahaha


aku malas tulis panjang2 sebab just nak hilangkan stress study..

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syairahmohdanuar said...

sy pon x phm org bwk dslr msk mall.nk tgkp gambar apekah?guna camera fon sudah.