Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why do you wanna run?

Well I disgust bullies and I have the basis for that, for me bullying is so atrocious and you can join any dickhead in this world if you are a bullies.

"kecik2 dah jadi dickhead, besar2 aku potong dick hang!"

What is the main rationale for someone to bully others? For some of the reason I know, people usually bully others because they whichever have a family crisis or they are conducting hassle and thus channeling trauma to the others.

"parents, dont fight in front of ur child"

And bullying can be in definite way too, physical and mental. The effect of mental bullies is the deepest and it can cause serious depression. Mental bullying can be defined as buli halus (betul ke?lantak la) if in school, especially in boarding school, when you kena pulau dengan member than it is a type of bullying.

Lagi teruk kalau kena pulau sebab benda-benda bodoh macam jealousy and fitnah, then timbul semangat assabiyah. But mate, when in the hard times, you can see who your real friends are, serius tak tipu, time ni la baru kite nampak sape kawan kite sebenar and kadang-kadang bersyukur sebab ade kawan camni.

"die you bullies!!!!"

And for those who think bullying is cool so you can be superior, I hope you will ROT IN THE DEEPEST HELL! You don’t ought to have to live in this world. Oppression from other factors doesn’t mean that you can channel it to others, tu bodoh! Kalau kau dah kena hentak kat rumah, jgn la hentak orang lain pulak, cuba la buat benda feadah sikit. Ini tak, tau nak pedajal makhluk lain je tau. Lu buat camtu lagi Tuhan taknak tolong tau tak?

Physical bullying? Tak perlu nak describe pun. Dah banyak sangat kes. And video ni je aku mampu tunjuk
He is soooooo winning kan? I wish I can be like him. sekarang mamat ni dah jadi hero kepada semua mangsa2 buli satu dunia.

So to all kaki2 buli kat luar sana. PEGI TAUBAT LA YOU FOOKEIN DONKEY ARSE! Jangan jadikan alsan kau pena kena buli kau nak buli orang balik, kalau camtu, the hatred that you conduit to others won’t come to an end…


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Jauhi buli kang kena buli balik