Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Cartoon in Malaysia should be

First of all, I really miss my old cartoon. When I was still a kid, it was inflexible for me to watch cartoon on weekdays, n at that time, a good number of the best cartoon are only in the store and not on the tv. (Damn scrupulous businessman!). So my brother and I are so fervent to watch some of the cartoon and have to save every penny that we have to buy a single vcd every fortnight.

Most of the VCD bought were in japan and it was awesome! (Thou I hardly comprehend) but the subtitle has helped me masses in my English. And I ended up being a scorer. But kids at the moment, they just gaze at the tv and all the cartoon has by now been translated into malay! And worst, it was sangat-sangat bodoh.

“don’t get chocked”

Should be translated as “jangan sampai jadi gagap” depending on the context, but when I heard it on tv it became;

“jangan sampai tercekik”

De Eff?? Macam mana nak bagi speech sampai tercekik plak? Did u actually swallow the mic?

Just try and listen to what he is talking about;

So guys n gurls, when you saw ur brother or sister is watching this, baik bawak mereka jauh2 supaya tak jadi bodoh sangat (kidding). But seriously u should.

Btw another video I would like to share is, how a translation should be;

See? Its updated and new song are used, furthermore it supports our industry.
With that I shall end it, *close curtain


esok microbes la babad, g study!!!!

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