Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stop being ignorance

My mom is a Chinese, and my dad is Malay, so I live sandwiched amid of both of the ethnicity. But come what may it unbolted my eyes in the way I scrutiny the world.

What is insyaAllah?
"i got inspiration from his song"

When my lecturer converse about uses insyaAllah in his words, he uses it so unreservedly like it doesn’t carry any meaning. insyaAllah in kepala melayyuw is poles apart with what the real insyaAllah’s denotation.

Our insyaAllah;

“Esok hantar jangan lupa hantar homework”
“insyaAllah cikgu” (beramai-ramai)
*dalam hati : kalau tak hantar tu maknanya faham2 je la

De Eff?? Madafakka betoi la. No further elucidation is needed right, now when people utilize insyaAllah, they don’t even think of going, it is like they are using God as an excuses. This is SO WRONG! So jangan jadik bodoh sangat and blame Him whenever you are in Fookein trouble

Real insyaAllah;

“Nanti jangn lupa datang”
*dah cakap insyaAllah kena la usaha

Yes! That is the accurate and precise  way of using insyaAllah. Why? For the reason that when we use insyaAllah, we actually are saying;

90 % came from my effort
10 % is God’s willing

So don’t start to give an excuse, we give our full endeavor, and if it still didn’t work, then it is His job and there must be reason why he don’t wanted it to work.



I don’t have a great deal to dispute about this but what I wanted to utter is when we are in a relationship with someone without proper bond (nikah), we must remember that we have certain boundary. But what people nowadays have mistakenly won the erroneous concept of couple. They think that by having a title as bf/gf you can pin point of fact took someone as wife or husband already but in fact, you still can’t.

My Chinese friend even responded like this when I asked her why she wanted to have a boyfriend;

“I wanted to know the person well and I know that if he is really for me, he will respect me just the way I am and not doing something that is bad to me, then I will know he is the one for me”

She is one fookein kapiaq for god’s sake, and she knows about how a relationship is more than I do and now I shall hold to what she has said.


"ni contoh orang gatal, rasa nak SULA je"

When I talked about this topic I am so sure that the guys out there are smiling from their ears to ears. Jangan nak gatal sangat la, kahwin lebih ni maknanya tendency nak jadi isi neraka tu dah bertambah sebanyak 4 kali ganda gak. So just simpan your wet dreams okay?

My dad used to have problem in explaining about this to my grandparents, (they are Chinese), and finally he came out of using an example of a watermelon;

*a watermelon was first cut into half, sloooooooooowly~
“ok, uncle, tembikai ni macam saya nak berlaku adil”
*my late grandpa scratch his head
“bayangkan kalau saya nak potong jadi empat pulak, dan empat2 bahagian tu kena sama berat, dan sama besar, kalau tak tu tak adil”
*now its my granma’s turn to scratch her head
“macam tu la kalau nak adil, saya kena pastikan saya mampu, dan mampu jadi adil, kalau saya tak mampu, saya makan je sebijik”
“kalau macam tu pecah ka?”
*grandpa tepuk dahi
“It means that if you want to marry more, you must be adil and mampu, and if he can be adil, I am sure our daughter can be happy” (it is in Cantonese, but I translated it so easier for you guys and you don’t have to google translate it)

 So lelaki-lelaki di luar sana, janganlah anda tau nak penuhkan nafsu terhadap wanita-wanita sahaja. And tiap-tiap kali nak kahwin lebih je main pakai hadi, mane aci, mesti adil la bro, and mampu. bukan nak tuuut je. Ada faham?