Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reality is not stupid, you are!

I can’t really understand how some people actually think. My cranium is so thick because I knocked on a table leg when I was 7, maybe which could explain my retardation. Owh, I also fall down trees when I was 4 and knocked my head on car bumper, no wonder they called me retard eh.

Ok, back to what I wanted to talk is, how can a person who barely have some money for their children have money for gambling?

Pakcik A seorang buruh kasar, and he works for RM 60 per day, he has 6 children, thus you can do your own calculation. BUZZ! Slowpoke, its 8 mouth to be fed. And their education, all those school fees, books and clothes. Can you imagine how he has to work to cover all those expenses?

"mane ntah datang satu sesat plak"

And then, you can freely pergi kedai TOTO and buy your 4D number. Plus 2 points of dexterity bile kau pergi lepas sembahyang maghrib. Wei pakcik, don’t be such a Baboon will ya? Kau baru balik masjid pakai kain pelikat pastu terus masuk kedai 4D ape cer? Then you put on your bloody helmet to cover your face, Waddefarkulala man??!! Lu ingat lu pakai helmet gua tak kenal ke? Gua solat sebelah lu je pakcik, so agak-agak ah.


If you think that by gambling will change your luck, you are so wrong pakcik, plus how can you even have the guts to feed on your child even if you win all those money? Dang you should think twice with you suppa donkey arsehole head.

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husna mukhtar said...

ngahaha bencik dapat text sport toto ==