Sunday, February 13, 2011


­If u have too scores of grievances toward this world

When you fall down you don’t dare to continue on foot ahead

Why must people be so frail depraved

I ask you to switch on the TV and perceive

How many people boldly do their best to continue walking for life

Shouldn't we be content with what we have?

You should cherish everything even if you don’t possess it

I still learn by heart you said your home was the only castle

You continue to run along with the fragrance of rice and the flowing river

Smiling the dreams when you were young, I know

Don’t cry, let the fireflies lead you to flight

The bird song in the country, an eternal dependence

Just go home, back to the bliss at the very start

Don’t be so easy to renounce, it’s just like I said

For dreams you can’t achieve, switch it for another and it’ll be fine

Put some color in your life

Firstly paint the color you like on love

Come on and smile, value and fame aren’t the goals

Let yourself be happy, this is what you call meaning

The paper plane from my childhood has finally flown back into my hands

That so called happiness

Running barefoot in the fields chasing dragonflies and getting tired

Picking fruits without permission and getting scared from being stung by bees

Who is sniggering?

I lean on the scarecrow while being blown by the wind, while singing, while sleeping

If the sunshine sprinkles on the road then I won’t be afraid of being broken hearted 

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