Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Celebration is Cele "BRAT" ion

Chinese New Year? Well the best goes on the gathering, reunion dinner and the food. The rest, its pure hell. Dang my uncle was such a demon. He told others to close any entertainment and he himself is playing cards. 

Yeah, internet, ps3, psp and anything that has relation to entertainment, its gonna be banned.

Mom?naah, shes too busy playing cards and never ever be concerned bout her son. Today, she just say that she worried bout me and started to get mad. Here is the exact story, I was on my way to cyber with bikes (yeah I am poor so what?) and I have to carry two big bags in front and on my back. If you look me from afar, I will look exactly like a giant turtle with two BIG layers of shells. Despite the idiotic look, the “shell” I was carrying was also heavy like shit. When I reached cyber, I have to climb another 3 floors. When I was in front of the doos and try to grab my key, my phone dropped off and a big crack was on the screen. Cold sweat is flowing like river and I was in remorse getting the picture of what my mother would say curse. I was so tired that after I put down my bag, I was already on the bed sleeping. By the time I woke up, my brother 
Alan was already in front of me like a Death God with schyte. He told me that dad was downstairs and I was about to explain the situation about the phone but the words wont come out.
Now I am in the car, I was like a prisoner geared up for the judgment. I saw my dad and mom, but the picture in front of me was different, they aren’t the people I know. As soon as I was about to explain, mom started to cut off my words with sarcasm, she says like she cares about me but only I know the truth. I think its not only my heart that bleed with all those sharp words by my mom, but I think I can feel my ear is bleeding too.   

 Whilst in Uncle Victor’s house, she never really cares even if her son is dead. Cause what she cares the most, is the winning streak she had on the gamble table. I dunno how my dad could be such a coward and let her wife do that. She always says that it is the only exception for family. So does that means you can sin while with family? Can I smoke when I am with my brother? What kind of stupidity is that?

Ok2, back to Uncle Victor. As the world was in such repentance and sorrow regarding the Egyptian and their demonic leader, I face em myself. Yeah folks, its him! Maybe I should call him Uncle Victor Mubarak next time. (he even liked to mock the “Alhamdulillah” words like “Alhumalala”, if you cant say it properly, you might just as well stop mocking bout it)

And another thing that annoys me the most is, in what worlds does uncle Victor lives in? every single people that I met (not everyone really, its just a metaphor) pure hearted but bad mouth? What kind of attitude is that? If you want to live in a community, be a human, not some sort of demon in hell rite? Start respecting others so others will do the same to you ASSHOLE!!

Respect doesn’t come in fear nor in pushy behavior (cant find a better words, do tell me if you have one). Well if you want to know how demonic my Uncle Victor is, u can just google up LUCIFER and that’s him.
Smiling Lucifer Victor Armando
 I hate myself when I am in such a rage, I cant get my brain work properly and I need to study for the upcoming quiz.

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