Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just for teh Lulz

Reported by Haizal Bezita Frodo 

Genting Highland, Pahang - 6 February 2011 - Ti Jian  Lim a.k.a Cox, aged 20, a student from Ciumcium, was caught red handed by his fellow classmate,Yap Ham Sap , for vandalizing (molesting) the temple’s properties (an old man statue) during a trip yesterday.

Yap , who was Ti’s classmate, witnessed him cursing and smiling in sly  and then grabbing on the statue’s boobs, was being caught on the spot

“I was on my way to the toilet cause I got serious lao sai, maybe it is because of the sate kuda and kaki unta I ate yesterday, when I saw Ti vandalizing. I then ran forward and tried bring to an end of him from abiding to do so,” said Yap, who was interviewed earlier today.

Students, niggah,and pak araib nearby also witnessed this incident.

“We told Ti to stop but he still insisted of continuing. I could not believe what I saw, as I thought Ti was not a rebellious nor mutinous student of vandalizing the temple’s properties” said another student named Fik Ram Pit.

Babad (chewah~), also a classmate of Ti, mentioned that he saw Yap was trying his best to stop Ti from the continuation of his vandalism by grabbing his arms tightly from his back. “I was dazed and shocked with a slight disappointment seeing Ti’s inhumane and animalistic behavior”

Hiding secretly in one corner, Manul, then took out her BB Cam Murah and recorded the whole scene of 
Ti’s vandalism and was wondering why Ti wanted to do something so stupid and gay behavior especially towards an old guy’s statue.

Realizing they were recorded, Ti and Yap sham like a p**nstar with the statue

Ti was then punished severely for dim witted act to the temple’s properties, and was banned from Cyberheights Villa or a week as he might repeat those behaviors to all the pak guard.

p/s : Gong Xi Fa Chai~^..^


i.a.m.r said...

ko buli Ti eh??
aku lapor kt miza! XD

Babad said...

mne ade XD