Saturday, February 19, 2011

A food for thought..

Type of human that existed in microcosm of school community. Who said that the school cant teach you about the world, here are a few example that you might wanted to see and compare about the person in your life.
The goldspooners

They are the most; luckiest bastards ever untaught on earth, they were born with silver, no! its gold spoon in their mouth. They always come to school with their most luxurious transport to school. They wear the most classy shoes and socks (pfft! Loike I care!) They even try to sing your own praises to the teacher and the gurls with their wealth and fatness lol. Well of course at school they deliberated the idea that they can buy friends with money but the damn genuineness is, THEY CANT! HAAHA HA HA. I even trolled my “goldspooner” friend once,

“Hari ni aku belanja korang semua makan kat kantin, Jom2”
Eyes are on the gurls;
“Gurls skali!”
“Waa, abg hensem blanje la~so schweet”(bluek)
“hee hee hee” (laughing like a horse)
I smiled ;
“ko curik duit mak ko ke?”
“mmmane ade”(gelabah)
“habis kenapa ko ckp mcm jizzing in ur pantz?”
“Ah! Taknak belanja ko”
Then the number of people who wanted to follows decreased in number drastically. See the problem here? He is a rich bastards cause he stole his mother’s munneh! What an asshole right. Doing something just to fight for peers’ approval.

Mat Stone Guava

They are the so-called romeo in school, and not in a minute that, they talk like cats with gurls. What a damn idiot. They even gonna have fight with their own buddy just because of a gurl. What a loser. You might get the gurl but you wont be sure wether they gonna last a lifetime for you. And another annoying thing about them is that, their profile picture on facebook and twitter. What a camwhore, shaming with full sets of accessories on your profile picture.

“Pose dengan gitar penting bro, bru Nampak romantic”
“ko bukan reti main pun, setakat lagu hepi beday nenek aku pun boleh”
“ko tau ape?ko bukan ade awek pun”
“xde awek lagi bagus daripada asyik fail science bro”
 “ko ingat science boleh tolong dapat awek ke”
“macam main gitar boleh dapat awek je”
“Dah2, gi study.”

See the problem here?they aren’t really what the gurl think. So TO ALL GURL OUT THERE, MUKA JAMBU CANT GUARANTEE YOUR FUTURE, THEY ARE JUST A CAMWHORE. HAAHA HA HA..

School beggarz

I don’t really know what the problems are with these kindda people. They hardly goes to school in a proper attire. Always tries to look cool but the truth is, they never was, never am, and never will be with those kindda attitude. Let me ask the gurls, do u like guys yang selekeh nak mampos?no rite!
In a canteen;

“Kenapa pakai baju camni?selekeh la wei”
“ni bukan selekeh, macho, xde lah skema sangat”
“ni bukan macho lagi der, ni pengemis dah”
A group of gurls came thru;
“ko tengok ni” he smirked to the group.. “haa..kan diorang suke tu”
“bodo, diorang senyum kat aku, ko senyum diorang lari”

So to guys out there, ur collar tegak and thucked out cloth to school. It makes you look worst. Tak hensem xpe bhai, janji kemas. That’s what we called as personality.

 Mak Snow White (MSW)

I think the numbers of mirrors in school chould be reduced. Or as an easy case, just throw em away. These group of MSW is gonna gone crazy as soon as they saw mirror. They will start to betulkan tudung or watch the pimples they marinate for 2 weeks has reached their optimum levels on destructions or not. It is still ok, but the problem is, at my school, the mirrors are situated at the main pathways, so what happened is that, the way will be jammed by cramming of MSW in front of the mirror.

“korang bukan tengok cermin dah ke tadi?”
“alaa, ko tau ape, tudung ni senget tadi”
“orait je, kalau ye pun tengok la kat tandas, ni laluan la”
“nak sangat lalu pergi la kat jalan lain, sebok je!”

What a bitch,they talked as if it is their school.pfft! so guys out there, if you have this kindda gurl as ur gurlfriend, buy them a mirror. Kesian woo, they don’t have the luxury to buy a mirror at home and have to check on themselves on every single mirror they have. It might contribute to the jammed condition in Malaysia traffic too. HAAHA HA HA

Shark and Remora Fish

This are the most annoying type of bitch that existed in school. A small and bajet cantik gurl always have another awful looking gurl that leeches around her. I don’t know what is the problem of the small gurl but what I know is that, “a gurl always keeps a dog beside her to keep herself look beauty” so to all the gurls that realizes themselves as the Shark, stop being used. Its annoying doh!
And for guys that are looking for wife, DON’T LOOK FOR THIS KINDDA GURL! They are just gonna use you and you ended up being their dog!


alin said...

haha suke yg mat stone guava tuh ! hahaha

Metal Horse said...

like the picture eh? he is unknown..