Saturday, February 19, 2011

Point of View in The Eye of a Dim Witted Reader

Done blog hopping all this night, of course I have just done revising my study with aflyn, syafiqah and manul(cheh! Just avoiding of feeling guilty). I dunno whats the problem with the blog that I am hopping. I can’t even endure 20 minutes rapt and concentrating on reading and appraising the blog that I have seen

The focal predicament that I am facing when I am understanding all this blog is that they are trying to “mysapacing” the whole blogs.

I have grounds and rationale to say this and do anticipate that it doesn’t offend any people’s heart. Here are the types of blog that I have bring into being as too dim witted;

Boom Box Blog (BBB)

BBB are the most annoying blog I have ever read in my life. Imagine yourself is reading and there are BGM (background music) that barge in your reading. On every occasion I am opening a blog as such, I will have to turns off the volume, as it might gave me heart attack. Plus it ate my bandwith, so what’s the point of posting blog as such?

Whenever I wanted to read a blog, I wanted to feel the mood of the author and the story that they wrote. What if the post is about a dead cat, would it be proper if the music is Lady Gagak or Justin Bibir’s  song?

“I found my cat, soulless this morning”
Suddenly ;
And I will imagine something like this ;

See what I am saying? It turns the mood of the reading into 9000! It burns my ear and shattered my cochlea into pieces. So my proposition and suggestion to you guys, why don’t you put a video link on your post, it would rally round a little and give your reader a autonomy of choice. They can choose to listen or not to. Plus, with dissimilar post entry, you can post diverse song at the beginning of your post. Just a suggestion btw, if you have a better idea, do tell me.

Ads Whore

Do you guys know that when mark Zuckenberg first created The Facebook (that’s the name before it became facebook,google it if you didn’t know, stop being too ignorant), he didn’t wanted to put on any advertisement due to the fact that he knows it will formulate the coolness of his website into spiraling destruction.

And to people who puts a lot, seriously lots and lots of advertisement on your blog, STOP IT NOW! You wont be rich even if you put a hundred advertisement, it would be different if your blog is like obefiend, or tehtarikgelasbesar who have thousands and millions of view. And even that, they didn’t even put much ads on their blog cause they write for themselves, not for money.

Ramp-It Tongue (RIT)

If you see blogs that are using too many rempit language,Oow you know what I am saying about. Its all the words that look hard to read especially for a hinder mind like me.

“Aq nq pegiw teyngwk movie ngn diyw.”
With my belacan tongue, I can hardly read all this and I might pronounce it like this;
“Ak nak pegiwu tey nan gwok movie ngang do it yourself wimp fook you man”

My mouth will drops off,literally, even before I can start to read a whole sentence as such. Even the Pygmallion (a great classic book, try and read them for once) was easier to read than a page of blog with RIT language.  

You are not cool, far from cute even if you use this kindda language in your blog. So take my advice, start writing properly and it will help you in the future.

Swirly Font Fairy

They are the weirdest human I have seen. I didn’t know how they even write in that kindda fonts. Choosing the fancy fonts such as old English, takeaway, starwars and many kinds of other font that will cause nausea and scarlet vomit when you are reading their blogs.

“why does the ‘t’  look like a ‘y’”
“why does the words ‘cream’ looks like ‘crane’” lulz

As for people who are short sightedness, you might wanna think twice about reading this kindda blog, it is because it might increase your eye power level and forcing you to buy new spectacles lol.

Background Glitters Clown (BG Clown)

Dang, I think they are the group of people who cant really forget about myspace life. Their profile is too “striking” and full of color that’s gonna cause you serious eye pain. And if it is excessively watched, you  might suffer bleeding of sclera and serious inflammation. (used some medical terms caused study too much anatomy last night)

It gets even worst when the background picture if moving. Its like reading on a rollercoaster or in a washing machine! Serious shit! So BG clown out there, I know you missed your myspace, but don’t be mistaken, it is not myspace anymore. MYSPACE is sooo stone age you arse horse!

I think that’s all the thing I founded so far, got some more notes to be read but ended up writing this crap. Sorry if I took your intelligent out of your head by reading this crap out.

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