Saturday, February 26, 2011

Music is my soul.. 2

DA.MON.STER [I Love You. You Love Me] 

For each night
Hurt you to make you sleep
would you be willing to?
Can I embrace and hold you
Accompany you through challenges
would you be willing to?
Even if its the doomsday
You have replaced the air
so we can breathe in space 
I'd like to hold you, keep flying

I love you
Baby tell me that you love me too
I love You
I’d like to hold your hands
 together till we get old

One thing for sure is that you are who I want
 protect my lady’s love, you, is my responsibility
Let me accompany you through life, beautiful life
Church bells ring, this is our wedding
This moment, you are the one if you are willing
We would views our future, old life
Regardless of
 the bad day
I will take care of your pain
This is my blessing to your life
You gave me courage that you told me not to give up
Now pick up the courage to say I would greatly
No one can hurt you

I love You I love you
I love You
Baby tell me that you love me too
I love You
I’d like to hold your hands together till we get old

I Love You You Love Me
We are one big family
I Love you You Love me
Together forever

Just hopped onto this song and its kindda sweet ya. gone through much translating it cause im kindda weak in my mandarin too. =.="
i think img gonna let myself busy for a few days, dont wanna think bout the probs. too scared to turns on my phone too. the exam incident still haunts me.


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